Best of Shoutbox

b Lilli:[/b] I still see no improvement in the weather here… doesn’t someone have a hotline to the weather fairies?

b gothcatgirl:[/b] its all god’s fault

b (241509): [/b] It’s not my fault, I’m busy with a volocano in Iceland and an oil spill in the Gulf ~ God

(13:02:29) gothcatgirl: so much for multi-taski​ng. god obviously is male.

b (297097): [/b] Hellooo, I sent you Malema, weather tricks are soooo yesterday ~ God

b (297097): [/b] And to taunt you sceptics on this forum, I sent you Teleologica​l ~ God

(13:08:59) gothcatgirl: true that. kudos.

(13:11:41) Teleological: Haha, someone feels taunted

b (928746): [/b] Those nasty atheists taunt me all the time, saying I don’t exist. Sic 'em Teleologica​l, tell them the one about the bacterial flagellar wotsanamey thingy ~ God

(13:33:12) Teleological: Or we can just talk about teleology and purposive behaviour. Some “geniuses” seem to think it is just an illusion and does not really exist. Ask muffles the materialist about.

(13:40:03) Teleological: Perhaps you chaps here should read this; Teleology in nature: biology’s next paradigm shift?

b Teleological:[/b] Yes yes, before you gasp and fall off your chairs because of that word "teleology"​, just have a look.

b Teleological:[/b] http://talk​.thinkingmat​​2010/teleolo​gy-in-nature​-biologys-ne​xt-paradigm-​shift/

b (948270):[/b] Yes, that’s a good one, Teleologica​l, you are one of my creations that I am proud of, the others being Ken Hamm and Jerry Falwell. And don’t let this muffles upset you ~ God

b Teleological:[/b] Oh don’t worry, the narcisistic tendencies of neverhasbee​ns don’t bother me

b Teleological:[/b] nevergonnab​es are just as useless honestly, but we all ove you

b (185035):[/b] Tsk, tsk, you must stop this habit of projecting Teleologica​l ~ God

Wonder what kind of thoughts went through your mind here Mintaka ;D:

b Teleological:[/b] Mintaka, have you found your mind or do you still think it it is possible that the mind is a mere illusion and just a chemically predetermin​ed reflex :P?
b Mintaka:[/b] Yep. Reflex. All of it. Pure chemistry. Thoughts do not exist.

Too good to be lost forever indeed.

The moment one god makes an apperance, others are soon to follow… will the real God please stand up?

b (915560): [/b] After that Abraham & Isaac fiasco, I thought about it for a few days (for youse ous, that’s a few millennia). I made and sent the Tellybanana to test you doubting lot. Not my finest moment, I admit, but I thought you should know because I have a plan ~ God
b (120319): [/b] Oi, stop stealing my thunder you god imposter!!! I’ll smite your hairy arse ~ The REAL God
b (233983)[/b]: Oh, you’re such a thor loser sometimes ~ Prime God No. 1 Deus Ex Moccha
b (569397)[/b]: Jeez, I turn my back for a bit and some second rate god tries to take over ~ The REAL God
(10:06:11) (569397): You’re just upset coz I told everyone you have a hairy arse , don’t push me I’ll change my mind and put that hair on your hand, ~ The Real God
b (957442)[/b]: Smite away, powder puff. Jesus H Christ, you know, these pushy upstart dilettante gods, always a few commandment​s short of a Decalogue. Then they wanna get all smitey on their boss’ hairy ass. Never heard of Veet, either. Damn amateurs! ~ ∞God∞
b (360612)[/b]: Is that you projecting again, Teleologica​l. Oh, it’s another wannabe trying to take over my job. Listen Buster, you’re a thrid away from total blasphemy, just pick on the Holy Spook and I’ll go all Vin Diesel on your ass ~ The REAL God
b (360612)[/b]: Oh shit, morning doobie stuffed up spelling again ~ The REAL God
b mdg[/b]: This is why I’m an Atheist…​.too many gods.

(07:14:25) cyghost: Friday comes on a Tursday this week!!!
(07:43:36) Lilli: Spaghetti be praised!
(10:19:23) cyghost: Lilly, that is why we in the know follow G and not that heretic SpaghettiBa​lls Craeture - G provides!
(11:23:19) gothcatgirl: gotta love em noodly appendages
(11:37:08) cyghost: Shabbat Shalom
(11:52:35) gothcatgirl: shabbat. is that the same as shattap?

b GCG:[/b] worsknors - he came, he saw, he stfu
b Hermes:[/b] veni vidi worsie, moenie ons tyd morsie.

<CGC’s SO to dress up as Jesus>

(10:06:34) Hermes: Will he be riding on his ass?

(10:19:44) GCG: he might be riding my ass?

seems i tend to end up in here often…



I cant for some odd reason post in the shoutbox, but it provides for some good chuckles along the way!

hiehiehie…why the question mark GCG?

depends on whether my mail order of horse crops have arrived…

(19:38:53) Jesus: Fear not. All are welcome in the kingdom of heaven - even retards.
(09:09:22) Faerie: Mostly retards

(17:18:11) Mefiante: Battery just di

(18:17:06) Mefiante: Yaaay, power’s ba

when rwenzori is bored…

(10:29:19) rwenzori: I have absolutely nothing to say. There - I said it.

(10:54:36) Faerie: You’ve left me absolutely speechless

(11:09:36) Mintaka: “Progr​ammin’ Blues” by Boogie and the Jargonauts :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

(11:17:45) rwenzori: I’m a’sittin’ at my keyboard, with an awful achin’ head

(11:17:58) rwenzori: Yes, I’m a’sittin’ at my keyboard, with an awful achin’ head

(11:19:45) rwenzori: My compiler’s makin’ blue screens

(11:20:18) rwenzori: An’ I wish that I were dead.

(11:23:41) rwenzori: ( Over to yoo, for verse numbah twoo )

(11:35:40) Mintaka: Tis two o clock at night, I have coffee on my 'pad

(11:35:57) Mintaka: This loopin’ callin’ sequence is drivin me quite mad

(11:36:22) Mintaka: Aint no time for my luvva, aint no time for mah cat

(11:37:28) Mintaka: And this late hour is messin’ around with my ability to rhyme properly

(11:40:29) rwenzori: ;D

(11:41:03) rwenzori: Who’s next for a versie of twee?

(11:47:38) Lurkie: Eenie, meenie, minie, mercie

(11:47:59) Lurkie: Too cold to think of any versie

(11:51:34) Mefiante: Well, my IO’s got me cryin’ wi’ dat buffer overrun,

(11:51:46) Mefiante: Mah hard disc is a-meltin’ when Ah flush the second LUN,

(11:52:00) Mefiante: Da OS throws exceptions and mah registry’s a mess,

(11:52:26) Mefiante: No pushin’ and a-poppin’ will bring back mah stack address,

(11:52:41) Mefiante: Dynamic linkin’s wasted, dere ain’t nothin’ be no use,

(11:53:28) Mefiante: I’m a-moanin’ and a-codin’ wid dese sad Programmin’ Blues.

"Progr​ammin' Blues" by Boogie and the Jargonauts

Totally Nerdcore.

(20:18:36) Rigil_Kent: God said let there be light and Chuck Norris said “Say Please”.

(06:43:12) brianvds: And Riaan Cruywagen said, “If you two don’t stop bickering I’ll drop you off right here and you’ll walk home!!”

(12:36:26) Mefiante: Then Maxwell said, “∆•E = ρ/ε₀; ∆•B = 0; ∆×E = –∂B/∂t and ∆×B = μ₀J + μ₀ε₀∂E/∂t. But we’re dealing with a void, so ρ = 0 and J = 0. That’s all you chaps need to make light. Now stop messing around, you bunch of sillies.”

(12:37:20) Mefiante: And Riaan, Chuck and God all said, “WTF!? Smite the wiseass!”

(18:14:57) brianvds: And thus Maxwell was smitten.

Here he is!! He has a website and everything!!

That’s it! I’m sold - thank GOD! I’m saved! Now, what’s your address God? Maybe I should enlist Mister Locator to lead us all to you… Wonder if old Danie’s super-duper cool device will give us a complete GPS map to Heaven?

Mefiante: According to tonight’s eNews banner headlines, Western Cape police used rubber bullets and water “canons” to disperse protesting farm workers. I have to ask: What were they Haydn?

brianvds: Their Liszt of demands, perhaps…

Mefiante: I’m struggling to get a Handel on this. It’s all Grieg to me and puts me Orff. It would be good to Ravel it or at least get to Chopin it up. But Bach to reality.

Which leaves Tchaikovsky and Debussy. Anyone up for the impossible? :wink:

I thought these better be saved :slight_smile:

(12:41:53) cyghost: and this year’s Oscar goes to…

(12:42:00) cyghost: …jail

(12:42:03) cyghost: too soon?

(13:04:51) Faerie: The whole thing sounds very suspicious, shot 4 times through a bathroom door??

(13:34:56) Rigil_Kent: A wooden door ? You mean the Blade-gunne​r strikes a grain?

(13:48:42) brianvds: Ten minste het hy haar nie gelem nie…

(14:01:04) BoogieMonster: I’m stumped by the whole thing.

(14:03:59) Rigil_Kent: Twice.

(15:58:04) Mefiante: Well, Oscar’s knee-deep… er, hip-deep in the hoopla.

(17:45:07) brianvds: I was stumped by the Hansie thing. The Pistorius case took my legs from under me, and my theory about what happened is just a shot in the dark.

(17:53:50) brianvds: We should of course quit it. The sick jokes are not helping to improve the image of skeptics.

(18:15:54) BoogieMonster: We kept it classy until you asked. Then you received.

(19:08:48) Rigil_Kent: I’ll just claim that humor is a coping mechanism … you know, like a crutch.

(19:33:12) Mefiante: The whole story is rankly suspect and healthy scepticism is in order at present for any version told. But you’ll have to pick your deciding method: Occam’s Razor or Oscar’s Blades?

you know, for posterity’s sake :stuck_out_tongue:

(07:54:46) Brian: act of god fried all my electronics last night; hit an ancient Douglas Fir 20 m from my house: but God saved me and my wife from any personal damage…a miracle indeed! I wonder if he knew an atheist was hiding inside.?

(07:57:29) Tweefo: Maybe it was a warning shot.

I lol’ed ;D