better late than never...

Gothcatgirl, aka neon_tiger, aka Alix Peck, aka Adele Horn.
Im a media producer and archivist, which means i get paid to ef about on the pc all day.
i am butler and slave to 4 cats, 2 dogs, 2 rats and 18 guppies.
i used to be married, but thought better of it. now im single. and ready to mingle.

im a gardener, fisherlady/person, poet, party animal, cinema-goer, cellar door -frequenter.
i hate hypocrytes, and narrow minded people. arent they kinda the same?

i grew up in an afrikaans xtian family, in the freestate. unfortunately, for me, and them, i had a brain, and an overactive imagination. thanx to Erich von Daniiken, my eyes flew open at 16, and god went the way of all imaginary friends.

so, having had to fight my way through many lame-assed arguments from parents and peers alike, i decided that its sometimes easier to just smile and wave boys, just smile and wave.

i enjoy talking several shades of shite with you okes, allthough i suspect my brainpower is significantly less than most people here, so i end up having d’oh! moments often. do forgive.

looking forward to attending a sitp at some point, finances permitting. godammit, why not midrand!!

Hiya :wink:

That is a lot of pets!

btw do we agree that Erich is himself a different kind of kook? I mean you don’t still think he is the man do you?

I can kinda see how he might make one think differently about things, and enjoyed his kookiness myself as a child. But surely one outgrows that as one does the tooth fairy, santa and Jesus?

when i was xfiles obsessed, i was like, holy flippin wow! it makes SENSE!!
some of his stuff, gets the mind going, and does makes sense, but i like to make up my own mind about stuff
back in the day, when i was a library geek in kroonstad, that was about the only piece of literature that escaped the church’s eyes. so i was saved by him, so for that, i owe the weird old bastard.

Wel, hier is ek ook nou. Ek lees al lank vir George Claassen en waardeer sy insig en logiese benadering. En natuurlik het hy en baie ander skrywers 'n geweldige invloed gehad op my ontkering.

Persoonlik het dit vir my 10 jaar gevat om finaal te kan sê ek is nou Attie. Mens begin mos maar by die skeptiese bekyk van al die goed wat jy geglo het waar te wees. Ek dink die dag toe ek my eerste fossiel van 'n klipplaat af gekap het en huis toe gevat het, het iets net nie meer sin gemaak nie.

Die ontnugtering :o was vir my die mees bevrydenste ondervinding in my lewe. Ek kyk met nuwe oë na alles om my - mens, dier, plant en wat ons ou blou planeet laat ‘tick’ en alles maak sin.

Saam met kersvader, tandemuis en ander denkbeeldige entiteite het ek vir God ook vaarwel toegeroep - dat daar nie 'n hemel is nie, is ‘okay’ met my. Dat daar nie 'n hel is nie, is ek nogal jammer oor, want ek sou 'n hele paar mense daar wou laat 'n draai maak >:D

I am looking forward to great chats and most of all to learn more. I am still patient with the religious fraternity, but my respect for plain stupidity is wearing thin.

I am off for a short holiday and will be back to chat soon 8)

Welkom hier scrutin-eyes! Hoop om sommer baie meer van jou te hoor. :slight_smile: