Bible fight, the game

A game for people who don’t take religion that seriously.

Oh yes, the keys you use to play - ummm looks like you use the direction keys and “Z” znd “X” - there is also a special power key (or combo) for each character but I haven’t found that yet.

Or click on the “controls” button before you start the game - doh!


forget it…
Keep getting my butt kicked ;D

LOL. I think the strategy you use is all up to the character you fight against. I have beaten Noah and Mary but find it tough against Eve. Jesus has a good jump so when Noak calls the “stampede of 2 by 2” you can avoid being trampled, and if you keep moving he can’t pour down the instant flood on you.

But most of the time I’m just laughing too much and I get my but kicked too. :smiley:

LOL, nice game, but where in the bible does it say that Jesus can make it rain fish… :wink:

Thanks, just what I needed to blow off some steam. ;D

Another one that is a bit more cerebral, but very addictive:

We need to start a FantasticContraption Anonymous (FCA) ;D

Love this game! Do you know of any more?

No, sorry :frowning:

FC reminds me of that old Incredible Machine game. Great fun :smiley:
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Incredible Machine can be downloaded here. You need to run it through DOSBOX.

Ahh thanks, a lot of fun for only 2.4 MB :wink: