Biopro chips to protect your brain

Mmmmh these polukers sell you little round disks with “chips” in them for an exorbitant price. These little chips will protect you from the nasty effects of electromagnetic frequency (EMF) or electromagnetic radiation (EMR). Some particularly bad and naughty devices need more chips (more is best for protection …) - please see oh so comprehensive table label labelled “How Many Harmonizing Chips Do I Need?”.

Pick up your 6 pack of Harmonising chips for a mere R1,250.00 - be protected, feel safe ……

It’s obvious from their faq that these people are not complete idiots. They know just what to say. However, they fail to provide any information on just how and if these chips work at all. This is of coarse because it is nothing more than a money making scam. These people are either very stupid or uncaring liars.
Theres quite a lot of these scams that come from overseas to exploit South Africans.

BTW. The EMF from the devices you can stick it on is minimal compared to the EMF from cell towers and tv/radio antennas that you can’t stick it on. So even if it does work it’s useless.

Googling >>“Ray Grimm” “direct sales”<< brings up lots of hits. He’s up to his eyeballs in duping an uncritical public with a whole host of hokey products, and has been doing so for two decades. His wife and kids are all board-level employees in quite a few enterprises. Clearly, their professed concern is genuine only insofar as it affects their collective pocket, and ersatz schmaltz beyond that. If it was indeed genuine, they’d stop peddling their placebos as anything other than just that.

It is perhaps a little surprising that he hasn’t been indicted yet by the FDA or FTC, but then it may also be that he’s too small a fish at this time.


You are all absolutely correct about biopro, the products and the people. These people are ruthless and shameless about their intentions with these products simply based on the fact they CAN’T show sound science or proof of the products workability and that they can only sell it thru an MLM company.

If they REALLY wanted to “save the children”, a statement they exploit all the time in their meetings, why not sell the technology to the cell companies “secretly”? Biopro is claiming the cell companies would never use their technology as it would be the same as admitting cell phones are dangerous. So if the cell companies know they are dangerous AND biopro offered a solution privately then would that not be a solution?

It is extremely important for all of us to spread the truth about biopro’s scam and help to “really” protect people, from being scammed!

Support the cause on this blog and other blogs. Please visit my blog if you want to learn more.

Hello and welcome to the forum, bioproisascam.

While I haven’t yet found the time to examine your blog, your forum name, the content and the tone of your post all suggest that you or someone close to you have/has been ripped by these guys. Care to give us a short overview, perhaps?


Biopro is absolutely a scam!

We have all that we are saying and you can read on our Blog - please take the time to read it.

Here is some great news for our cause…

Total melt down and exodus from biopro begins – distributors, vendors and their most important alliance… George Carlo. Biopro’s best hope for credible verification gone! The best part, he has abandoned biopro and is throwing them under the biopro bus in an ironic twist of truthful fate.

Read about it here: George Carlo Abandons Biopro!