black hole theory

anyone ever thought recently that time seems to be going past really fast? no this is not because i am getting old. i am not old. but time is flying. i have a theory i wouldn’t mind some comments on…

according to my knowledge, there exists a thing called a black hole. this has an entry point (obviously acceptable) and by implication some point of exit, called a white hole. so supposing that our planetary system/galaxy/whatever-you-want-to-call-it-i-am-not-an-astonomer is caught up inside a black hole, could that be an explanation for our perception of time?

I think Einstein and some of his colleagues cracked this one back in the early 1900’s. It doesn’t matter whether we are caught up in a black hole or an application on a computer - it is all relative.

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Allow me to point you at the book Einstein’s Universe by Nigel Calder. It gives about as clear an account of singularities (black holes) as one is likely to find without the hard mathematics.


The years seem to fly by, but the days until pay day CRAWL past…

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A while ago my eldest kid explain “this feeling of time going past quicker” which I considered and found to be the best explanation to it.

Suppose we could remember what happens to us from the day we were born, this would be the explanation:

At age 5, we would experience 1 year (365 days) as 20% of our entire life lived.
(It would feel like ages)
At age 10, we would experience a year as 10% of our life’s.
Age 15, 1 year would be 6.7%
Age 20, 1 year would be 5%
Age 30, 1 year would be 3.33%
Age 40, 1 year would be 2,5%
Age 50, 1 year would be 2%
Age 60, 1 year would be 1.67%
Age 70, 1 year would be 1.43%
Age 80, 1 year would be 1.25% :-\

That would also explain a vacation of 21 days flying past in the blink of an eye in comparison to 365 days we waited for it.

Lol yeah and also the explanation to Stones statement ;D

I know you said you’re not old Lilith, but if you talk to people aged 40 or older, you would find that they are of the opinion that time fly past even faster!

I’m much older than that. Now get off my lawn!