Blood Moon

Hmm, just saw a Facebook post by a lady ranting and raving about the wonders of tonight’s blood moon. I asked her to explain; she suggested I Google it, because it is a long story. As indeed it is:

So once again, for the nth time in a decade, the world is about to end.

Man, the stuff people come up with…

For quite a long time now I’ve suspected that Armageddon pushers actually want their predictions to come about. I think it might be a case of wishing, or rather hoping, for The Great Equaliser: When annihilation threatens, there’s nobody special anymore (except for the temporary-but-meaningless eminence of the prophet, of course) and we’re all in the same doomed boat, so to speak.


Another day, another armageddon. |-O

That’s pretty much my impression too: when you talk to them, none of them seem unduly alarmed. On the contrary, they’re excited. Doomsday brings relief from the relentless boredom and ordinariness of their lives, and the fact that they are in on the terrible secret makes them more special than they would otherwise be.

Me, I prefer to deal with boredom by reading a good book, or exercising whatever meager mental faculties I have. :slight_smile: