bloodgroup diets

i am a quite healthy individual. ive allways been a skinny ass, but im getting really kak-thin, and im not trying. and it seems i have a peptic ulcer doing its thing.
so i heard a birdy chirp about the blood group diet. so i checked it out.
now i allready know that if i eat pasta, i bloat. not so with bread. i hate eating veggies.
according to this diet, the only thing im about allowed to eat, is my own snot.

how credible do you think this whole schpiel is?

We had a chat about it here too … :wink:


It’s wishful hooey that exploits people’s love of easy answers and pigeonholing.


cool, gonna chekkit just now!!

my first thought on this, is the following:
as my understanding of how a body metabolises the sugars delivered to your cells, doesnt have much of a difference according to your bloodgroup. or am I being dof?
your blood carries, oxygen, moisture, nutrients, and wastes. i dont know what the bloodtypes have to do with the basic function, of just doing its friggin job.
A types and O types dont have different DNA. And how the hell would these ppl know anyhows what kind of bloodgroup old cave-dude back in the day used to have?
i can fully understand if you come from, say japan, and you cant eat melktert, coz your body wont know what to do with it. and your stomach is gonna tjune you, aikona.
i understand that maybe wheat aint so good, cause, what i can follow, its like chowing grass at the end of the day. and is not actually a natural occuring thing in nature to eat. i would think, veggies and fruits are more the way to go then.
so i can try and not do bread, and pasta :’(

My view is that when we take in nutrients we start a series of chemical reactions in our bodies. These reactions happen at different rates in different people and have to do with metabolism rather than blood-group. The blood-group-diet folk may have found some correlation by but enough to verify causation and a repeatable pattern in “all people”.

Carbohydrates release an enzyme that makes you want to sleep because it’s during sleep that carbs are changed into stored-up energy for the next day (which is why marathon runners carbo-load the night before Comrades). Fructose-type sugar releases that energy the next day. So … eat fruit in the morning, protein for lunch and carbs for dinner. This makes sense from a chemical-reaction perspective.

I just think there are some basic rules for eating (like fruit in the morning and carbs at night) but the rest is up to each individual to decide on a trial-and-error basis. I am 50 now but look 40 and haven’t been sick for nearly 30 years (except the odd gastro encounter of the don’t-eat-that variety) so I guess I’ve done something right.

The bloodgroup diet is a very interesting idea, but if you want to be taken seriously, SHOW US THE EVIDENCE. It’s all very well to thumb suck some cool hypothesis about how the world works, but you have to actually demonstrate, with experiments, that it is true. Welcome to the 21st century woo-woos. We have this thing called science now.

That Skeptic Dictionary post sums it up nicely, and I especially like this bit: “Peter J. D’Adamo is a fruit that did not fall far from the tree”. lol.

Nutrition seems to be an area that attracts more than it’s fair share of flaky ideas, I guess due to our body obsession and obesity epidemic these days. To me it seems simple - eat large amounts and a wide variety of fruit and veggies, everything else in moderation, and hey presto!

Hi all, I’ve found this site more than a year ago, where Dr Peter D’Adamo explain a bit more about the blood groups. Check out your blood group and compare it to physical, metabolic, Stress profile etc. It would be interesting to hear what you think! :slight_smile: The Hunter - O Type The Gatherer - Mostly Blood Type O, Some Blood Type B The Teacher - Almost Always
Blood Type A
Some Blood Type AB The Explorer -
Can Be Any
ABO Group
Often Rh Negative
Often Non-secretor The Warrior -
Mostly Blood Type A
Some Blood Type AB The Nomad -
Mostly Blood Type B
Some Blood Type AB

In General

all of these things sounds good, on paper.
i cannot imagine that evolution would let a kind of species continue sucessfully not being able to digest and utilise its food.
allso, in this respect, surely, the older, hunter bloodtypes, would adjust in time to fit into its new niche.
i fit the O hunter profile. and yet, im skinny, my sister is skinny, my mum is plump, but not terribly so. and she is a short shit. whereas my dad was the taller, leaner one, but died of heart attack at 50. as far as i can remember, you get your bloodtype from your bloodmother. sooooo, there goes that theory. i obviously have my dad’s physique, cause i have his DNA, not his bloodtype.