These guys also think the world will end on 21/12/2012.

If I were them, I wouldn’t be holding my breath. :slight_smile:

But speaking of 21/12/2012, it seems to me there has thus far actually been relatively little hysteria about it. It’s almost as if humanity has finally reached the point where most people look at this sort of thing and say “Ho hum, yet another end-of-the-world prediction.” Perhaps the doom propheteers and profiteers have finally overplayed their hand? One can create a certain amount of interest in any particular prophecy, but not if there is yet another one every year or two, while the failure of the previous one is still fresh in the mind? Or perhaps I am way too much of an optimist? :slight_smile:

A few years ago, one of these delusionals applied to the JREF for the Million Dollar Challenge with the claim that he could go a month without any food or water. The JREF rejected his application on the grounds that the test would seriously endanger the applicant’s wellbeing or even life.

Predictably, our intrepid breatharian went off huffing about being victorious and accusing the JREF of welshing on the payout.

And I think you may be onto something, brianvds: Perhaps Armageddon-fatigue is setting in.


I recall that there was another one who was caught popping over the road for a big mac during the test. I can’t remember whether or not it was the JREF challenge or another.

Yes, now that you mention it, I also remember reading about it, though not where. Perhaps it was even in James Randi’s book Flim-Flam! but the test in question wasn’t run by the JREF.


This is why I suspect this site might be a joke (though it is kinda hard to tell with these really crazy people), as this page goes on about Mac Donalds burgers and diet coke being 5D food that he eats even though he’s a breatharian.

Also look at the prices for his workshops:

You know if there is something like scientology, it wouldn’t surprise me if these nutters believed in this.