Calling all SGU fans!

Please support the Skeptical Rogues by linking to this cretin’s blog and giving him a verbal body-slam?


Ha-ha, I just can’t bring myself to do it. I really think this is a troll (or perhaps I’m overcautious since the whole AntiSpore incident).

But come on … did you read the Pokemon page (my underlining)?

I can’t stop smiling at these posts.

I really have to keep smiling at these posts otherwise I’d cry because there’s always a case for Poe’s Law.

Speaking of which, this conservative Christian said exactly what was expected of a Christian when he reviewed the game Spore. I begin to doubt my labelling as a troll.

Uncertain James

yeah, I also thought it might be satire when I first read it, but there is a link to conservapedia on his page.
Either way, many people will read it and may just believe it. At least if we respond they will have an opportunity to see a more rational perspective.

Cautious Angela

You were right … I’ve been naïve.

Ethically, any troll would have to “fess-up” if directly asked if he or she is playing a prank. Today Alexander Cornswalled announced that his views actually are those of a real person not a caricature.

There are real people who are articulate (they are not only backwater hicks) who think that disease is their god’s punishment for sinfulness, that the MMR jab (non)controversy is a religious issue, that Ann Coulter was right to say “We should invade their country, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity” and most importantly that the LHC will mean the end of the earth because the bible says that the earth will “roll up like a scroll” at the end of days - which is obviously referring to a black hole, duh.

Pass the Kleenex. :’(