Categories and topics

I’d like to have some suggestions on what extra sections and topics I can add. I don’t want to make too many, since the forum is not that busy (yet!) but it is probably not good to only have one section to post in.

I would suggest a “Spiritual” section for views or discussions of that nature… Like the one that me and Anacoluthon64 had going…
Maybe someone could suggest a better name than Spiritual, but I would like for it to encompass stuff like maybe evolution, conspiracy, religion, UFO’s ;D etc… Any suggestions?

Than also… would interisting links to technical or computer or web related stuff be posted under General discussion?

Yeah - if you think of a good name, I will add it :wink:

Computer and tech - hmm, let me think…

I think the JREF forum’s layout is quite logical with sufficient variety. A close look at its topic structures should prove useful.

Just a thought.

One section that I would like to see is a subforum for discussing exclusively South African issues, be they politics, medicine, science, whatever. This would need to carefully monitored to ensure that it isn’t “corrupted” with foreign stories.


Good idea - no need to reinvent the wheel :wink:
I’ll use that as a guide and add sections as I see fit.
Please don’t hesitate to recommend any changes.

A local content one should be one of the first methinks… Sorta South African contents, issues etc…

Well, this is a SA board, so I don’t really see the need for a specific section. What sort of topics do you have in mind?

I thought about it again(After my post and the suggestion initially from Anacoluthon64)
I realize now that it will be complicating stuff tremendously eg… later having to have Local Conspiracy Theories and the likes… I think in hindsight it might be better off as it is… maybe just wanted to add a local flavour, but maybe in our logo we can incorporate the flag or something?

Yes, you are right - at the time I hadn’t considered that doing so would probably double the required maintenance effort. My original thought, however, was more along the lines of a single subforum for any and all weird stories from SA.


I think the off topic section is sufficient for now.

How would you define ‘typically South African’ these days? ;D

Purely as a question of relevant geography, no?

Either that, or “speaks 11 different languages.” :o


How about a category for “connections” a place for people to organize mini meet ups, look for new social groups and friends, dating etc.

It has been said that organizing something for skeptics is like herding cats. Finding that special connection with someone else is hard, believe me I know, so finding a new connection with like minded skeptics has to be harder than finding a cat after dark who does not feel like being found.

Maybe, if there is more interest…

What about “idea pool”

A section’s main function is to inform the reader about the kind of topics and threads that should be made and serves as a source of inspiration for new topics.

Had this idea, while posting a thread here

BG doesn’t seem to be around of late.