Cervical Cancer

Here comes trouble. The Education department started a drive to get girls more protected against cervical cancer. I found this post on the Middelburg Obsesrver FB page. Who is this “CDC” revered to and how reliable was their study?

CDC is “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention” in the US. They are generally well regarded (as far as I’ve even been able to make out). However the study cited, I have no idea.

CDC = Center for Disease Control

912 girls died, but where is their evidence that the deaths were caused by Gardasil? Children die for many reasons. 1 in 40,000 women die of cervical cancer per year, but to draw the conclusion that therefore Gardasil should not be given to girls does not logically follow.

This is typical scaremongering, very similar to the linking of autism to the MMR vaccine.

Merck is a pharmaceutical giant. CDC is the US’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Gardasil is the name of a vaccine against certain strains of the human papillomavirus (HPV) implicated in cervical cancers.

That flyer consists entirely of the standard anti-vaxer alarmist claptrap and downright falsehoods. It can be safely denounced.


I’ve been following this for a couple years now, and personally think its great and if I did have a daughter she would have been in line for the shot. Cervical cancer is horrible.

For what its worth the advert only shows white “pretty” young girls and secondly nobody is going to force anybody to have the innoculation, its still voluntary pending parental consent. Scaremongering at its best.

Cervical cancer is not good but I have a real problem with some unknown public authority nurse sticking a needle into a daughter of mine no matter how well researched the reasons. I like to keep my options open and decide for myself which I understand is the process anyway. However there will be thousands of girls queuing for this in SA without really understanding what it does and doesn’t protect against.

Well, unless there is a sudden massive outbreak of autism among school girls, I don’t think we need to worry too much… ;D

An easy way to avoid this it to let you get the injection where the parents prefer and let that doctor / nurse / chemist or clinic issue a piece of paper that it was done. The eye test for the driving license renewal works like that. (at least in Mpumalanga it works like that)


The comments on this piece were very interesting, I had no idea that we have such a large antivax group here in SA.