Changing The World With Brandy And Coke

Utopian socialist thesis aside, an interesting and provocative write-up that’s sure to tread on several sets of toes. It deserves a much wider readership.


This is the type of conversation I would associate with a single barrel on the rocks, rather than a b and c. A little snobbish I suppose :). Anyway, I had similar conversations in similar intoxicated states, and I believe there is nothing wrong with dreaming. But I don’t think I have ever managed to change even a single capitalist/religious freak/nationalist’s mind, how to go about changing the whole world’s mind? Thinking about it makes me want that mentioned whisky.

to change the whole world’s mind requires a massive threat from somewhere outside the planet…e.g. Jesus is coming and the telescopes can pick up the cloud he’s riding on with a fiery wand in hand or a bunch of alien warships that say “Enough is enough…now you listen to us!” Mebbe even a asteroid that will strike and get us all to pray!