Cholesterol causes heart disease? [split]

Do you have any evidence to reach such a conclusion?

I’ve had some negative experiences with Drs, diagnoses and drugs:

  • Diagnosed with MDR TB twice by the same lab in 2001: then later at the Tropical Diseases Hospital in Jhb, they found no sign of it which was later confirmed by an eminent Pulmunologist: cost to me and family very high and on serious drugs for 4 months: Eventual conclusion : Lab malpractice!!!
  • Diagnosed with Diabetes 2, two years ago in St Augustine’s Hospital Dbn: put on all the right pills etc. Got suspicious did some research and after two months of further tests…no diabetes
    [li]Diagnosed with prostrate cancer…unfortunately confirmed after biopsy: Oncologist recommends radiation for 7 weeks: Urologist says no ways take it out! After a radical prostatectomy: 18 months life horizon (in 2004)had I left it: Oncologist’s recommendation would have caused serious burning of organs and no guarantee it would’ve worked. In addition post radiation surgery would have become problematic due to serious tissue damage.

it’s called motherfucking capitalism

So motherfucking capitalism is your evidence that pharmacies and doctors, will never give you a drug/cure that will fix you once and for all.

Just to be sure, all doctors and all pharmacies are doing this?

exactly where did i say all?
pharmacies and doctors give you what medicine is provided to them by the producers. the producers make sure to give certain ‘perks’ to those doctors and pharmacist who stock their products, and sell them. business is business. and why, would someone produce a product, that by it’s efficiency, makes the repeat use of it (and thus repeat sales), redutant?
to think that phamaceutical companies, have their client’s well-being at heart, is naive beyond reconing. they will fix you, for now, because they want you to be ill again. a healthy public, is a non-profitable public. it’s good business. why give a pill, that will sort out your IBS once for all, if they can give you a life-time of pills, that keep you just within the comfort-zone of your ailment.
while doctors, nurses, chemists, start their careers wanting to cure all the ailed, at the end of the day, money talks. and the sooner you tow the line, the sooner you start making money.
it’s the same in pretty much every industry, petrochemical, food production,… why would pharmaceutals be any different?

This is evidence?

After thorough probing and diagnosis, the recommended treatment for this thread is a radical split to the “Conspiracy Theories” sub-forum where it will be pumped full with mega-doses of useless, money-spinning Big Pharma drugs. >:D


If I may be so bold, I’ll just endeavor to answer this one pertinent question and then bow out for various reasons (with an apology to a co-conspirator for being weak and to the OP for being off topic)

and why, would someone produce a product, that by it's efficiency, makes the repeat use of it (and thus repeat sales), redutant?
Because people won't buy a product if it is inefficient - ask BMW, HP, Samsung or Nike to name but a very few.

oh what the hell… in for a penny

exactly where did i say *all*?
You didn't, it was implied and I wanted to make sure. So now again: Do *all* pharmaceutical companies practice this despicable and immoral behavior or do we have our eyes on just a few and who may they be?

/note to our mod and admin - I have no objection to this being split off and removed to a more ahem appropriate sub forum, so as to not cloud this one too much. Or I’ll just stop where I am, barring I can overcome this weakness I have…

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bored much?
anal much?

bored, yes, anal, perhaps.

But I dislike conspiracy theories about as much as I hate religious bullshit. I’d be happy to listen to evidence you have for your assertions but until such time I’d be in remiss to allow you special leeway because I like you and your ramblings.

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Yes, I’ll take a big lump of butter with my popcorn, please! 8)