Christian Business Network

I’m looking up moving companies on google and this popped up on my screen, I’m not certain whether I’m amused or horrified.

Requirements for listing on the Christian Businesses Network
  1. By submitting an application you understand that you are committing to do business in a manner that shows integrity and excellence as best as you can.

  2. You agree that the business you are listing is owned or run by a Christian (note there may be other partners, provided at least one of the top directors is a Christian)

  3. A Christian (by definition of this site) is not simply someone who is a non-Jew or a non-Muslim. A Christian is anyone who has submitted his or her life to God and submits to the lordship of Christ in his or her life.

  4. If there is a complaint by any customer who feels they have not received good service or what they have been promised by way of product or service, you will handle their complaint in an efficient and professional manner.

  5. The business owner must be someone who belongs to a local church. Whilst we cannot prescribe attendance, we believe that belonging to a local church means attending services at very least once a month, although more ideally, at least once per week as far as possible.

  6. The Christian Businesses Network retains the right to remove a business from the network where, after following up the complaint with the business concerned:

a. a complaint is received from a customer pertaining to dishonesty of any sort and proves to be correct

b. a company has been added which has no church affiliation whatsoever and therefore by definition is not a Christian run business (as per our definition in point 3)

c. regular complaints are received from customers pertaining to a company where the quality of service or product is not becoming to the standards we are trying to uphold.

CBN SA Mission

The originators of the Christian Businesses Network have the sole aim of bringing Christian businesses together, so that we can support one another in business. If we uphold the standards set by Christ in his word, we will strive after excellence and integrity in all things, both in our personal lives and in our business.

Our aim is to encourage Christians to do business with other Christians and so bring more money into God’s kingdom.

As God blesses us, let us also bless others by tithing and bringing our first fruits to the local churches.

Ok, so there’s one for atheists as well, only difference is, this one is blocked by work… (wtf!!)

Can someone go squiz what their requirements for joining are? >:D

Short of going through the signing up procedure, I do not see any requirements for joining. It appears like an advertising board for atheist owned businesses.

It is not a SA site it appears to be in the USA.

It’s a group in Atheis Nexus, which is a social network for Atheists. So it’s more like a group on Facebook than a network.

Twice the Christian Businesses Network mentions “excellence and integrity” as part of its requirements statement. We can all see how well that’s worked out historically…


Every time (and I mean every time) I’ve been screwed over the perpetrator came to me and was at pains to inform me of his/her 'Christianity"…I believe that in Islam, it’s OK to screw someone over if s/he is an infidel???