Christian children


I have been reading some of the posts without joining. This morning, though, I changed my mind and decided to join and start SHOUTING. In a conversation I had with my niece’s little it transpired that she was taught not to worry about personal safety as “God would protect her.”

Here I am.


Sorry - that was my niece’s little girl. Teaches me to keep the anger in check!

I am an atheist. I “deconverted” from christianity many years ago but could not be bothered to debate the issue - or should I say non-issue.

Events in my personal life have recently highlighted the common misperception that one has to have “faith” in order to live a moral and ethical life. My atheism was viewed as a “negative” by an ignorant IDiot social worker when I intervened and protected said little girl from hideous psychological and, most probably, sexual abuse.

How on earth can an atheist even recognise abuse? Are all you atheists not immoral or, at the very least, amoral? Atheist? O, God! She is a satanist!

Needless to say, the droves of christians and other faith heads did not have the courage of their conviction to stand up and open their wallets, their homes and their lives for a child.

I have now become quite militant and do not view the issue as a non-issue any longer. I am ANGRY!

Hi Slowpoke, welcome. Enjoy your stay!

It took me a while too.

Me too. Hope you have fun!

I have now become quite militant and do not view the issue as a non-issue any longer. I am ANGRY!

Huzzah! 8)

Welcome Slowpoke, :slight_smile: it’s good to see someone getting angry!

Welcome. Directed anger is good. Believers may be stunned by it because they do not understand how it comes about, but their surprise could be a good thing.


Thank you.

A Warm Welcome to you Slowpoke :slight_smile:

Well I think, if believers are honest to themselves, they would acknowledge that they experience the exact same anger under different circumstances! Just try to tell them “god all mighty” doesn’t exist, straight in the face. They’ve got almost the same reaction to a person telling them they are Atheist, Satanist or Buddhist for that matter. I don’t know of any of them, who are truly sad hearing this, (some might be able to hide it better than others) but their first “natural” reaction is fear and to defend their beliefs, cause if they don’t, hell is waiting! ::slight_smile: (Not much of a choice, in their minds)

Thanks Jane (and all the others who have welcomed me).

What made me go ballistic is the fact that this incident involved:

  1. A “professional” person, in employ of a state-subsidised welfare agency on whom I depended for help to safeguard a child; and
  2. That the fate of the child was (almost) decided upon the religious “front” really, really bad people put up simply because the opposition (me) does not go to church!

Rather a Christian child molester / paedophile / bad person than an atheist?

You are right, Jane. The social girlie was completely taken aback at me SHAMELESSLY professing no faith. Shame, poor thing.

Reminds me of my many years as a prosecutor. Many, many crooks suddenly converted to christianity or was born again (whatever that means) scant days before they were due to be sentenced. Used to make me sigh as the same faces would, inevitably, turn up again!

A bit of good news, though. This mess is coming to an end (after I employed private people and nearly bancrupted myself) and that the child is safe and recovering well.

Thanks again. But believe you me - after this is done and the last papers signed, sealed and delivered, all “hell” will break loose.

The fallacy that religion and morality are inseparably linked is still alive and well … and the upshots that ride on the back of this floppy premise remains frightening.

I long for the day when atheism is widely understood to mean only what it says, nothing more. I cannot for the life of me figure out how disbelieve in a god can make one less moral. If it does subtract anything from your set of “morals” it will be only those held in response to fear or religious showmanship. And it can easily be argued that such items constituted a false morality in first place.

Just one more thing before relinquishing the controls of this hijacked thread: While I don’t know the exact details of your noble effort, I applaud both your dedication to the wellfare of the child, as well as not donning the cheap coat of piety in the process. The optimist in me would like to think that you have subconciously shown the people involved that religion and morality can exist separately. Hopefully this will at least sit uncomfortably enough with them to start ‘em a-thinkin’. Perhaps all atheists have a responsibility to lead exemplary Christian lives. :wink: