"Christians must lead in respecting women, opposing rape"

ANC deputy president Ramaphosa has called on Christians to stand up against rape and corruption. Ramaphosa said Christians needed to ‘become the moral conscience of our country’ and act as agents to raise the moral consciousness of the nation.

Speaking in Rustenburg at the Pentecostal Holiness Church’s centennial celebrations yesterday, Cyril Ramaphosa told nearly 500 congregants that South Africa was a “Lord-fearing nation, a God-fearing country”.

“We also need to be the moral conscience of our country when it comes to respect for women and acting against rapists. We as Christians need to become the moral conscience of our country,” he said.

What Mr. Ramaphosa appears to have forgotten is that, according to the Christian faith, a man who rapes a single woman must marry her and pay her father fifty pieces of silver. The woman has no say in the matter. (Deut. 22:28-29)

Apparently this only applies if the man is caught in the act, otherwise there is no obligation.

Also if she doesn’t scream when being raped, she shall be stoned to death. If she happens to be in town that is. Is she is in the country, she’ll be fine. ::slight_smile:

The shit these people have to believe.

This happens just before Heremes’ quoted passage if you really want to read it for yourself.

The Bible is a christian manual for the abuse and suppression of women.
Christians pirated it from the Jews and, some six centuries later, a notable paedophile adapted it for his newly invented religion dedicated to warfare and bloodshed.