[b]Illegally circumcised youth dies[/b]

The Eastern Cape’s summer circumcision season has claimed its first fatality, the provincial health department said yesterday.

Spokesman Sizwe Kupelo said an 18-year-old youth died at the Nelson Mandela Academic Hospital in Mthatha on Sunday.

He had been admitted with a gangrenous penis, suffering from grade four–or very serious–sepsis.

The youth, from Ngcengane village in the Mthatha area, had been attending an illegal circumcision school.

Kupelo said three would-be initiates had been admitted to hospital in Mount Frere, also with gangrenous penises.

He said a number of youths had been admitted to hospitals in East London.

Cape Times 8/12/2010


At least he didn’t die of AIDS ::slight_smile:

I despair for this species of ours. I really do.

I don’t, I speculate that if we look at the big picture, statistically, we have become more moderate, reasonable, humanist, compassionate etc. I would despair if a solar geomagnetic storm fries the entire world, this would really set us back.

To quote from a NASA article “The vulnerability of some of our infrastructure to nuclear EMP is real; however, the threat is overblown. A much greater threat to the US electricity-grid infrastructure is from a powerful once-in-a-century type solar storm.”

“once-in-a-century” ??? (wtf!!)

Have you heard of the Olduvai Theory?

Good thing we only have until 2012 anyways… :stuck_out_tongue: