Hi all, great to be part of the local family.

I am a male working in Johannesburg who turned sceptic around eight years ago. I have ammassed a lot of book in this time and also studied religion and its origins for some time. Just enough to not allow you to make a classical Dawkins argument for the crap you hear at times.

I will try and contribute here as often as possible and will definitely post a few questions of my own.



Welcome, hope you will have fun :wink:
Could you please expand a little on this statement?

Hi Coenie777 and welcome!

This is for bluegrey’s questions. I have read some 120 books in the past five years on everything from the Historical Jesus to Holographic universes etc etc. What I was trying to say is that I have a nice general idea of what we content with as skeptics and since it is all book knowledge I unfortunately have any specific degree (yet).

I guess the Dawkins bit was that I would have liked to be an expert in one of these fields to the extend that I can defend it the way Richard defends Darwinism. I can talk a bit around these things but cannot offer clear scientific facts at the rate they can.

Hope this make more sense now.

Thanks. I think most of us here have a lot of ‘book knowledge’ :wink:

Welcome. As a Joburger, you may be interested in our monthly Sceptics in the Pub meeting, if you are then join the facebook group to get notified of meetings - the next one is on the 2ND of March at Ogilvy’s in Midrand. If anyone wants details of the meeting without using facebook, I will post the details to the Skeptics in the Pub thread also. We are always eager to spend face time with fellow sceptics.


Welcome Coenie, always good to have new blood (though we don’t really have any blood rituals here that I know of, but that is because they wipe your memory after taking it… skeptical? ;D)

So that is what those flash backs were all about. And my regressive hypnosis sessions will finally start to pay off ;D

Will check out that Facebook link James, sounds like there might be some blood letting happening there…

Hi Coenie777 and welcome!