Comet McNaught from Cape Town

Saw it last night and it was really beautiful. Today is probably the last chance to see it. Not my pics unfortunately :wink:

Some more pics here:

It had to happen: Comet McNaught is actually an alien ship, and the aliens are pretty tough on any insurrectionists in their midst. NASA scientists, of course, knows all about it, but aren’t telling anyone.

They should bring back public floggings. For stupidity.


I can’t figure out if it is a joke or if this guy is serious :-\

I doubt it’s meant as a joke. Have a look at some of the other material posted at the parent site. The paranoia runs too consistently and too long (almost ten years now) to be parody or satire, as do the recurring themes of cover-ups by authorities and saurian and reptilian aliens insinuating themselves into the affairs of the human race. Plus, the whole appearance of that website smacks of a severely disorganised mind.

But then maybe I’m just saying that because I’m an alien too… :wink:


Yup, does not look like he is joking ::slight_smile:

I’m amazed by how bright the comet still is. Still saw it last night, and will probably see it till the end of the week. But it’s definitely not as bright as it was.

Saw it yesterday, but had to look very hard. Still, it’s visible with the naked eye.

I can't figure out if it is a joke or if this guy is serious
First off, Wiolawa is a she. Her real name is Barbara Crouse-Brown. And she's a frothing believer in lizard aliens living among us. She also believes that she can spot them using photoshop filters. First class loon who makes David Icke look sane.

more here:

I think it might be time for a follow-up…

I see that your latest Midweek Cuckoo mentions this lamentable fairytale and its author, who clearly has a thing about forked tongues. Obvious though it may seem, she’s also a few handbags short of a CrocWorld.

These lizards from space are master shapeshifters to the extent that they will fool even the keen senses of domestic animals.

They are, therefore, to be better known as scaliens.