This is a new one. My mother, at the old age home, is collecting cork bottle tops. Asked why and the story came out. Apparently you put it in you bed at night. You sleep with it to help for “sickness”. What sickness I asked and was told any sickness or disease. ??? The whole place is full of it, every old tannie has got her 4 or 5 corks.

Yes just put a cork in it!

Once read a book called The Cork Boat by John Pollack. Surprisingly, it was all about a boat that he made out of cork. He launched it in or near Portugal and sailed down some river or the other. I don’t recall him mentioning problems with sea-sickness, so maybe there is something to your mom’s story.


Your mother’s wrong: cork won’t do a thing. Now a bracelet made of pure copper, blessed by a suitably experienced sangoma: that’s something she should investigate…

Nonsense, its an excuse to hide the fact that they’re drinking far too much for their age. Those corks used to seal wine bottles not so? That old age home is full of raging alcoholics. I wonder where they hide the bottles? :smiley:

“Oh Jerry!”
“Uh, that’s not me dear…”

I just Googled this, and it would appear to be some Wiccan thing, I cant open any of the sites as its all blocked here at work.

"Oh Jerry!" "Uh, that's not me dear..."

Eish, that was funny! Have just snorted my coffee. Thanks BM!

The Tannies are confused. According to “Wiccan Together” (Gothic font) “The Online Community for Wiccans & Pagans”, there is a big Wiccan community IN Cork (Ireland).

Ohhhhh … just learned all about “Witchvox”. My, this is interesting. >:D