Covert Messiah: We invented Jesus Christ

Something we mostly agree on (that Jesus was invented) but to be discussed again on 19th Oct in London. Hope Atwill is able to lay some hard verifiable facts on the table instead of relying on subjective interpretation and assumptions. “We’ve got the evidence now…” Let’s see it!

I’ve often said it’s futile to argue a truth with bad evidence. Let’s see, but…

First I hear of Caesar’s Messiah so of course I’ve newer read it, but it sounds a bit far fetched to me. If the Romans planned to invent such a figure, would it not have made more sense to use their own religion instead of one from a minor part of the empire?

Here’s a more concise description.


There was no shortage of posts immediately pointing out that this is bullcrap, and why. Eg. Hallquist:
and Carrier: