Covid, The new world order, FW de Klerk and race.

This morning, at 4:30 I joined the queue at the licensing department for the yearly disk renewal. You have to be there early to stand a chance of getting it done. I had the “pleasure” of standing next to a conspiracy theorist. I was standing there with my mask and he told me that the masks are to lower our oxygen intake, thereby making it difficult for us to understand the New Word Order that is taking place. A Jewish conspiracy to control the world. Apparently, we are all going to be the Jew’s slaves. The myth of covid is to inject us with a microchip that will control us via the G5 towers. He also told me that the covid virus was released, by the Jews, of course, to reduce the world population. He’s done the research, YouTube is full of it, one must just know where to look. The Jew’s want slaves, just not too many I guess. He told me how happy he is to hear that FW has got cancer. This was god’s punishment for betraying us. And, he is not a racist, one cannot be a racist to a different species. Blacks are not human, they are apes, the bible explains all of that, again, one must just know where to look. There were Africans all around us, but he did lower his voice whenever he spoke of them. Whenever I tried to correct him or to change the subject he just carried on and on and on. Never in my life did I experienced three and a half hours to be this long.

Ugh, I once had to endure a lecture about how if you shine white light through a prism you get all the colours of the rainbow, but if you shine black light [sic] through a prism you only get black. “Really makes you think”… Yeah, makes me think that you’re a moron.