DA is spamming

received a humdinger from the DA, saying vote and all that.
which is funny, coz i have never given the DA my number for them to bug me.
Phoned the number provided (there is no opt-out option, which contravenes Section 45 of the Electronic Communications Act), and in order for me to get my number removed, i have to give my id number. my first question is, why? why on earth do you need my id number? what does my id number have to do with my cellphone (i’m on pay as you go). i asked her, where did you get my number. she said off the voter’s roll. really? I’ve never voted, or registered to vote.
oh, then it must be from a credit provider. really, i have no accounts. and whatever accounts i had back in the day, was on my old number.
then i must give her my number, and they will look it up.
click. phone put down in my ear.
i am rather irked.

I got 2 today - one from the ANC and one, believe it or not, from the ACDP! (wtf!!)

Don’t moan I got a “please call me” from the ANC!!! ;D

Bless you.

If you have a bank account, you were FICA’d, or your number was RICA’d and they got it from there. Its one of my pet hates and frustrations, giving out personal information. Now with my home-loan application, they have a section on providing your details for marketing purposes as well as providing it to “other” credit providers, you can opt out, but its written in such a manner that you really have to check which box you tick granting/denying permission - not that I have any faith whatsoever that they pay attention to your wishes anyway.