Dark Cocoa powder trip the light fantastic

A big shout out to Michael Greger!

I follow him on Facebook and he has recently shared some awesome stuff on cocoa. Firstly he has referred to a study that showed that cocoa might help weight loss:

But secondly more exciting for myself at least is the study he refers to on his sight http://nutritionfacts.org on cocoa as “A Treatment for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome” I quote him here:

He does initially show his skepticism being a “industry-funded” trail but it does seem to comply to the gold standard of trails. He has a video on it:

I am going to get my own spoon full of cocoa daily.

This is very awesome stuff! I find it exciting at least.

PS Michael Greger specializes in plant based nutrition (vegan) but I eat meat.

I was hugely overweight at one point of my life, (35kg+) and once I got my head screwed on right, I managed to lose all of that within 8 months. I’m a chocaholic though, and right through those eight months (and to this day) ate up to a slab of dark chocolate a day. I cannot abide the normal milk or white chocolate, its far to cloying for my taste. Lindt makes a whack out of me on a daily basis though. So, based on my own personal experience and my metabolism and body, I dont believe that (dark 70% + cocoa) chocolate is fattening, and of course, we all know that chocolate is a mood altering substance - my personal motto “Chocolate fixes everything”. ;D

I’ve also lost some weight (12kg) in the last 2 months with no real effort. I am skeptical about “Diets, fad diets, supplements, gurus or magic plans”. I lost it trough common sense - I ate less. Make sure that you are always slightly hungry, not so that you are weak with hunger, but a bit. Drink water - lots of it. This cocoa sounds like a magic plan / bullet to me.

I am 180cm tall and currently weigh 90kg. During the months March to September I think a healthy weight for me is 85kg. But during Octber to about Feb I would like to go down to 80kg. It would be really great this year if I can pull this off for Pride. When going down so low in my weight I have to do it healthily and every little bit helps. I know some guys that really do some drastic stuff with diuretics etc. I do not go according to the BMI here since it does not really account for more muscular men. Sometimes every person feels like something nice and then eating something that can curb your craving can do wonders. I have BTW seen how awesome you can look even up to the age of 50 years. Its amazing how much you can do.