Darwin's 'Strange Inversion of Reasoning': Confronting the Counterintuitive

Just watched Daniel Dennett’s DarwinFest video, it was great.


http://darwin-chicago.uchicago.edu/Videos/Dennett.mov 86MB

Busy reading Dennett’s book Breaking The Spell at the moment - he is awesome. I don’t have enough cap to watch vid’s on internet but would LOVE to see this one. SIGH So … if anybody in Pta or Jhb (subtle hint) has this kind of video on their computer - I have an external Terrabyte hard-drive and plenty of vid’s to swap.

Steve, why don’t we all get together for a skeptical movie evening, then we can all do some serious file sharing as well. We’ll need a location with a nice big TV though. Otherwise, send me a PM with a list of the links you want so long and I’ll download those I don’t already have.

Brilliant idea, lets do it!

Cool, thanks. ;D Now we just need a kind skeptic to offer us a decent location.

gcg suggested a venue at SITP - her workplace in Midrand, apparently we might be able to use it for this purpose.

These links don’t work at all. Get 1.1MB out of 86. Useless.

Guess I could torrent it if you like. Have you tried a download manager? I like to use this one:

Brilliant idea. We’d need to meet at somebody’s place where there is a fast computer with a decent sized hard drive. We could all load our respective contributions to the One Hard Drive (the Mother Drive) using our USB external drives, and then grab what we needed afterwards. Sort of like a “Skeptic Video Data Base” SVDB.

One REALLY cool thing I own (Dan Barker sent it to me) is the DVD “Letting go of God” by Julia Sweeney. It is AWESOME and not available in SA. If another clever boff in our SVDB club knows how to convert a DVD into .avi format, we could add it to the data base.

This could work.

ja, my boss is really cool, and we have a huge boardroom with a projector (if noboby manages to break it in the interrim). so we can easily meet up, and then have a drink at the pub down the way.

I have the “Four horsemen” discussion that’s up for sale on Dawkin’s site. It’s quite a deep and thought provoking discussion that I highly recommend, and can contribute.

i’m reading Good Omens from Pratchett at the moment, so any reference to the apocolypse and the four horsemen(persons) just makes me giggle.

Thanks GCG! ;D

Maybe we should start a new thread. I suggest we post which videos we want as well as those we have so we can determine which we still need to procure. Then we’ll be in a much better position to decide what we’re going to watch and we’ll get more file sharing done.