Although being single has given me time to read & think, I am becoming way too isolated. But as most of you can identify with, finding like-minded companions isn’t easy.
Now I’ve taken the bold step of joining a dating site. OMG! I haven’t dated for a long time, and was never very good at it. Always was a bit of an all-or-nothing gal…
Wish me luck in my search for clever, entertaining free-thinking friends (like you skeptical folks, just closer)!

OMG… you’re in for some fun! Did the internet dating thing a couple years ago, and my word, there are some really strange characters out there! Dont take it too seriously though, and go with the attitude of meeting people and not a partner per se.

I made some really good friends on the dating site, and I really got some fun (weird) stories to tell about the various dates I went on as well.

I’m sure I dont have to caution you about keeping safe though. I always made sure that I named the venue, and it was always the same little restaurant, I made friends with the manager and he always came around a couple times to check whether I was comfortable, fortunately he only had to remove my “date” once (turned out to be a bit of a hardcore racist/sexist maniac - he went off at the (black) waiter and then at the (black) couple that sat down at the table next to us. Idjit.

I’m very thankful I dont have the need to look for a partner anymore, and VERY thankful for my wonderful S/O (the good ones still exist and they are out there, perserverance!)

Good luck and have fun!

I found my S/O on the internet 5 yrs ago. It’s a great way to meet new people, but you have to keep an open mind…

Yeah… I’m not convinced that ‘meeting’ people over the internet (especially if ‘dating’ is the goal) is such a good idea. I ‘met’ my ex-boyfriend over the net, chatted a lot before we met in person (at a public place etc), to the point where I thought I knew this guy pretty well. Getting to know him in person though - turns out he was a bit of a freak. (and that’s me being very nice) Problem is - a person can be whoever they like when they’re sitting behind a computer screen. They have time to think about what they’re going to say (type) before they say it. They have no body language or facial expression to go on. Not a reliable way of getting to know people in my opinion.
But I suppose it can be a platform for meeting people. I would just be prepared to meet a lot of assholes if I were you. Hope you meet some non-assholes too. :wink:

Thanks for the warnings, it’s good to be reminded that lonely people are often crazy - for one reason or another…
I don’t expect many dates since I’m out in the sticks but perhaps that’s good - the distance may put off the crazies!
I’ll keep you posted on my progress.
(Don’t hold your breath now!)

This thread has evoked Google ads for senior citizen dating clubs atop our forum. ::slight_smile:

Sorry, nothing to do with dating. Does the Google ads pick up key words and then put on something appropriate? If so, why the dept relief ads?

Thought you might be interested to hear my progress…
I joined a local site and met (online) a pleasant-sounding atheist, we exchanged a few friendly mails, he faded out on me, I got busy and forgot about my mission to find whatever it was I thought I was looking for. One night I was filling time, looking at infographics, found my way to OkCupid who have some funny info trends like “the case for an older woman”, it all looked like fun and was free - I joined, not thinking of it as a dating site, more a kind of activity centre…
Well, didn’t I have to meet Mr Right (in whom I DO NOT BELIEVE) - on the other side of the world, another single parent without a spare buck to his name! WTF?

I can relate… and I’m sure I dont have to go into “Mommy” mode and caution you about online “Mr Rights” on the other side of the world? :stuck_out_tongue:

Have fun, its what being single is all about, just dont go sell up and flee to strange and exotic places without checking out the scenerey first. :wink:

i met my s/o on a dating site. i think that it’s becoming more socially acceptable to meet people online. it’s not just weirdos and freaks anymore. people are just too goddamn busy to go meet new possibles. and i think, it’s easier to tell some person to piss off and die, over skype/IM/mail, than some greasy furball at a pub.
i have stuck lucky with my boyfriend, but have had a few ‘interresting’ meet-ups too. the person just doesnt translate well with text. on skype, they may seem amazing, but in person, they might have a really irritating nervous tick, or they smell funny. and chew with their mouth open. shudder.
if you arent willing/able to meet up with someone in person within the first month, then call it a day, or just have a random chat partner. my best friend is doing the online relationship, with a dude in Namibia. and I’m like, how the hell does that work? they have never met in person, but on facebook, they are ‘in a relationship’. maybe i’m just old skool that way.
what awes me still, are these fugly blokes, nothing special to look at, sending me messages like: hey, my girlfriend and i are looking for a playmate, or, i can see you like sexy and intelligent men, mail me…
and i’m like, huh? you look like my dad!

Did the online dating thing about a dozen years ago after I broke up with my wife and mother of my children. Met a few interesting people over a period of about a year, then moved in with Scallywag who lived next door. We’ve been together since then. She wouldn’t have met my profile requirements on a dating site, though, so we wouldn’t have met by that route.

I too, came across this phenomemon during my online dating days - where the profile states that the person is “Athletic and Attractive” and when you look at the pic, it depicts a guy with a stupendous beer boep with a bottle in his one hand and braai tongs in the other…

I’m always amazed at men’s ability to see themselves as fit and 18 even though they’re floppy and 56, its a talent many women could use.

you would be amazed how many of the birds have usernames like BJ69, or cumguzzlr. i mean, really now. and the gay chicks, oh sweet jesus, the one is uglier than the next. they looks like okes. why? where are gay ladies that look like women?
and, only like 20% of the gay chicks have profile pics. a dead give-away that they: 1. are butch as all hell, and 2. have insane self-esteem issues. without fail.

any oke that deems himself ‘above average’ in looks, i pass on immediatly. modesty is important. and douchebaggery is not on my list of attractive features.

i like someone who can be self-deprecating, it shows a sense of humour.

I loved those replies, had a good belly laugh, fab start to the long weekend.
Happy chocolate eggs, all!