Defence wants to film killer's prison exorsism

Wonder if this guy will walk free or get a light sentence?
Satan made me do it…

eish… religion… whata loada crock.

I doubt the judge (sounds like a level headed lady) will order any such thing. He can have this done at his leisure once committed, I seriously doubt that an exorcism would count for a lesser sentence, the law generally don’t permit woo to interfere with rational arguments. Its a good one to throw out there by his defense though, his lawyer sounds Indian, wonder whether he is a xtian and what his personal thoughts about this is?

IMHO these guys can’t even get their imaginary friends straight:

Last month, he admitted to killing 15-year-old Adams so he could sell his body parts to a sangoma.

So, was it christian voodoo or was it african traditional voodoo?

Absolutely ridiculous.

Perhaps there’ll be a fight over who gets to drive the demons from him - Catholic priest or traditional healer? It might lead to an exorschism.

Anyway, I hope they remember to show him the movie “The Exorcist” before the ritual, so that he’ll know how to act during an exorcism. :slight_smile: