defiling our neighbourhoods

i had a bit of a moment last nite, as i left my bf’s parent’s place in parkmore. there, in the distance, on a hill, is a big neon-lit ol’ cross for the entire surrounding area to behold.

and i thought, wtf. did those mofo’s ask everybody in the neighbourhood if they wanted their skyline defiled by a luminescent blue and green cross?
so, if was of the pagan pursuasion, and i had put up a big ass pentagram on a hill overlooking said neighbourhood, i would have had protests up the my eyeballs, and threats im sure too boot.

i notice this often. driving by the magaliesberg. crosses made on the mountainside, psalms, all that kind of kak. did they ask the people who have to look at it, if they wanted their mountainside marred by a white rocky cross. im fucking sure not.

so, if this is the case. what to do? does the church own that piece of mountain? and even if they do own the land, surely there needs to be some kind of concensus as to what kind of view you are going to see out your backyard every day?

if i had to construct a 6m penis in my backyard, surely i have to go through red-tape from here to cairo and back. why does religious institutions get away with it.

i mean fukkit, if you want to get one of these blimps for advertisement, you have to get clearance from the aviation authority.

if you want to hold a raucous party, you have to inform your neighbours.

if you want to paint your house binne-parra-pink, you have to ask your ratepayers assoc. first.

if you want to take a dump in your toilet, you about have to apply in triplicate.

why can churches blixem their bells at 6am on a sunday, while you are trying to sober up. but i cant have korn going on a sunday at maximum?

i want to break shit cause of this kind of blatant favouritism.

if i had to construct a 6m penis in my backyard, surely i have to go through red-tape from here to cairo and back
Oh yes, council is very strict about prior approval of all erections.

But don’t feel alone. The first thing you see when entering my home town in the Eastern Cape is a cross constructed of creosote pine poles. But what it lacks in beauty and finesse, it makes up for in sheer size. I’ve seen albatrosses flying into it. And I, too, have fantasized about placing some countercultural artifact in the very same vicinity, in the small hours of the morning. I can already imagine basking in the sweet moral outrage when my construction is removed, which it most definitely will be, and for the very reasons that you’ve mentioned. But to date I have practiced restraint. Tolerance: the atheist’s secret weapon. ::slight_smile:

Religion still sometimes assumes that it enjoys special privileges. It remains, at the very least, irritating (a reference to this fact is, I think, succinctly illustrated by my current avatar, carefully photographed during a short and unfortunate stint in Gauteng). But times, methinks, are a-changin’.


the joke is, my bf lives about a km away from a Shul. And the only way i know this, is cause i saw a ribbi cruising down the road in this hat and stuff, and asked my bf what the hell that is.
you dont hear them, there is no signage up. not one.
the bells ringing, nothing.

i sommer like the jews.

same with hindu’s, now that i think about it. i lived pretty close to a mandhir, never heard em, nothing to look at. if i didnt have an idian bf at that point, i would never have known.

LOL brilliant.

Makes me think of an incident last year, a mobile billboard (on a trailer) was left at the offramp to my neighbourhood advertising the sexpo, the next morning someone “dressed” the model with spraypaint with some critique about godlessness added. A few months later a similar billboard advertising some sort of religious thing appeared and lo-and-behold, the next morning was spraypainted with the outline of a woman with VERY pert nipples - obviously by some godless person with revenge on his mind. ;D

Yeah, me too. Even though they do tend to block the roads a bit, walking everywhere on Friday evenings and Saturdays. :-\

but i cant have korn going on a sunday at maximum?

Heh, I’m just listening to the 1st Korn album as I read that. ;D

I wish I could be ironic and make a point at the same time by graffitying “At least atheists don’t graffiti” somewhere.

Imagine my pleasure of standing outside my house the other night and hearing a muslim prayer being sung over some megaphone somewhere. Great, now I have to live with this shit too…

I was driving down William Nichol and noticed a huge sign with some people partying at a Rock concert or something, captioned: “What would GOD think…”. I’d like to graffiti that one with: “Kill 'em ALL! Mwhuhahaha!”

if i had access to vinyl and a printer, i would be re-designing some signs often.
i would print a nice fat line of coke and a a straw, and the copy would say “he would join in, rock on bitches!!”

“Jesus Christ is alive and well and selling drugs in Melbourne…the Messiah is jaded 2000 years on, cynical…his philosophy of turning the other cheek has been replaced by a mean line in head-butts and a tendency to kill anyone who crosses >:D…sorry, gets in his way.” from the crit on a book titled ‘The Last Days’ by Andrew Masterson (Pan McMillan 1999). Hilarious read

A victory won by American Atheists in Utah for civil beautification. It seems that the days of special favours for religionists are gradually growing fewer and darker – as is only right and proper.


thanx for that Mefi.

Encouraging news - thanks for the post Mefiante. One day, hopefully, this kind of mature thinking will hit SA - but it seems so far away SIGH