Deserving a facepalm


Perhaps they got it for here?

Some meditations on “The Mathematics of God.”

“Fruit of life” snark

So god killed this guy’s son because he did not spread spam. Moving into the computer age, I guess.

If the Bible is any guide, God has killed people for far less. :slight_smile:

After my recent FB homeopath fight, I do not have the will to get into another one with this woo-woo person.

The only sane response to stuff like this is ridicule and derision. The world is being inundated by woo for two main reasons. First, it takes much more effort to debunk woo than to construct it because there are no restraints when making up nonsense. Second, woo merchants outnumber rational people, and the great unwashed are much more susceptible to a glib tongue than to reason.

Extended debate is pointless. When a brief rebuttal fails (as it usually does), the only sane response is ridicule and derision. And it will remain thus until the majority learns basic critical thinking, should that ever happen.


Perhaps it is time for a Facebook group titled “Dr. Woo,” in which all the woo on FB is thoroughly ridiculed. :slight_smile:

Not just Facebook. Having maroons like Peggy Nkonyeni in charge doesn’t help the cause either.


I take exception to that. We maroons are an important part of the rainbow nation.

Okay, okay. Sorry. Would you object to cyanotic melon?


Nope–can’t stand those blue-arsed monkeys…

Sure but you are no Hooloovoo.

I must say I’m excited to hear that Ms Nkonyeni’s is in favour of including philosophy in the school curriculum. With some training in basic critical thinking techniques, our future ministers and ministresses may be less likely to approach phrenologists and graphologists.

And as far as the claims of the face-reflexology goes, at least one of them has been taken seriously.

It’s just never black and white with these people. It’s almost always a good mix of science and bollocks, milled into a pulp, seasoned with hope, deep fried in greed, and served with fear. No wonder the skeptically meek stands no chance.


Sure, if you take Nkonyeni’s use of the terms “philosophy” and “critical thinking” at face value. I’m a bit sceptical that one can do so with confidence, though. Based on her evident naïveté in related matters, I have more than a passing suspicion that she thought those were catchy terms to bandy about, that her conception of “philosophy” would primarily include such precepts as ancestor worship, bone throwing and muti, and that her “critical thinking” is probably centred on the idea of always obeying the tribal chief and elders even if you disagree with them.

Apologies for sounding negative and cynical, and I do await the pleasant surprise of some facts contrary to expectation.


By definition "critical thinking’ is anathema to politicians who want a compliant, unquestioning voter public. Too many questions are not their thing: ask our Public Protector

And be critical of apartheid. Don’t forget to always be critical of apartheid. :slight_smile:

One of the teachers at the school where I work has a degree in philosophy, and the stuff he tells the kids makes my hair stand on end. Lucky thing he teaches English rather than science. :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s hard to know exactly what Nkonyeni’s personal idea of philosophy/ critical thinking is, but if the subject is introduced, then it’s likely that the course content will be set by a group of individuals who know what they’re on about.


Well, she is after all the KZN education MEC, and so she would have significant input into the matter. Indeed, I think that’s the main reason the incident has caused such a stir. Had a more junior provincial education functionary made those remarks, it’s unlikely to have provoked such widespread condemnation.