"Dinosaurs were dragons that lived in the garden of eden...."

I have never heard so much bullshit packed into 13 minutes in my life!!

What If Atheists Are Wrong,Best Of The Atheist Experience,evolution.flv

i cant watch the vid, but the mere thought makes me throw up a little in my mouth

I couldn’t bear watching past the point where he claims that the only possible alternative to evolution is a biblical god.


I cant access it either from work, but HUH???

And he seems so cock sure of his convictions!!! I like how he “forgot” any useful atheist quotes because “my brain is my computer”. and therein lies the problem my friend. He is seriously manic and owes it all to his father, who should surely be done for child abuse.

He pretty much sums himself up around 1:12, when he says “I’m a twit!” :slight_smile:

Kids today want the facts.... here's why you should ignore the facts and just make shit up.

“Creation and common sense”?? (wtf!!)