Anybody else having problems with their dishwasher? I read a thing a few months ago (Dishwasher wars. Slate magazine) that in America the dishwasher soap formula was changed. Some environmental issue, with the result that the dishes came out less than clean. The last month or so the stuff also came out dirty out of mine and must go in again. No point in doing that so I just do it all by hand. I made sure the filters are all clean. Was the formula changed here as well?

The dishwasher (bought, not married) has been giving static for ages. It is very inconsistent. It will have a good month of delivering sparkling clean glassware, and then all of a sudden, without us doing anything different, it will go into a run of doing a half baked job. And I mean bake … ever tried removing the dried gunk off a still-dirty plate that’s gone through the drying cycle? Yuck.


Gosh… I cultivated two dishwashers many years ago and trained them from age three onwards. They ensure the dishes are clean:wink:

I’ve never liked a dishwasher, I just dont believe its efficient enough and to boot I feel its extra work. I wash up as I go along and by the end of any given meal, its just the plates and cutlery that needs to be washed.

Exactly right. We had a dishwasher and got rid of it when we realized it’s more hassle than just washing the bloody dishes. Perhaps it saves work in a large household, but for the 2 of us it’s a major PITA; you can’t just dump greasy plates and pots into the damn thing, you have to rinse them off first, so you had might as well just wash them.

No you don’t have to rinse them. You just put them in (after taking off any larger bits of food).In fact the manual stresses that you must NOT rinse them.

Sometimes you have to soak stuff before putting it in, but it’s the things that you would soak before washing it by hand anyway.

The first cycle a dishwasher runs is usually a rinse cycle anyway , and I’ve opened it after that, and it is pretty much clean already even before using heat and soap.

The main considerations as to how well it cleans (according to what I’ve read) is having the right water hardness and packing it correctly.

Our dishwasher is with out a doubt the best purchase my wife and I have bought. I was skeptical because I heard you had to rinse the stuff first. A little research told me this wasn’t true, and so I caved in.

But to the OP. I have the odd times where it seems to clean worse, but it is extremely infrequent, and consequently I can’t really find the cause. I usually run it on the highest cycle a few times after that happens before switching back to the economy cycles again. Even though this seems to help, it is probably coincidence.

It may just be varying water hardness.

I have heard that you can get clogged jets after some time, and that will obviously affect the effectiveness of the clean.

Even though I’m skeptical that it is necessary I run one of those “clean your dishwasher” things every few months which they claim helps. I don’t really believe it, but I do it anyway.

I agree with you DNA: our dishwasher (we’ve had three over the last 40 years) is magic but like any piece of eqpt needs some care and proper use. The biggest plus for us is the steam clean toward the end of the cycle that sterilises stuff and especially sparkling glasses which are a PITA to polish by hand.

I use that “quantum” stuff and have no issues. Every once in a while a bit of dried stuff will be left on a knife, but it’s like 1 out of 100, and I’ve found spacing the cutlery a bit helped.

The (quantum) box said water softener isn’t needed so I don’t use it. Machine is about 7 months old.

And I don’t rinse much of anything, only REALLY caked on wares will get a quick rinse but nothing serious, just don’t want filters to clog. IMHO this thing saves me years of my life. (2 people, use wares until machine is full, turn on, unpack once dry)

I’ve become a bit of a ninja at fitting lots of stuff in there too, still washes everything nice and shiny.

Some people have shown me their scuffed up glasses, plates, etc. And warned me not to use one. However I’ve yet to find any such damage on my stuff, I even wash non-stick wares in it no problem. I think this is because I don’t add the “salts” which, in my mind, if improperly dissolved, would cause such damage.

You’re joking right? You leave dirty dishes in the dishwasher for how long??? I’d die of paranoia. The germs!! Ugh!!

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They get washed away when you turn the machine on. It should take two people about a day or two to fill it, in my house at least.

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