do we have any qualified councellors or headshrinkers around here?

reason being, i now have to prove to the magistrate who is judging my divorce case, that i have emotionally affected by my ex’s abuse. nice hey?
so i need a report or assessment or wtf ever, to show the magistrate.
joke is, i was told i need this last friday, and i have to present it this friday.
much fun.

anybody that can suggest a shrink that wont bankrupt me, or have the connections/qualifications that can help, please, for the love of bob, help out!!!

You can get one from your GP, it should be fine, especially if he has prescribed anti-depressants or the like in the past. But you have previously been to a shrink have you not? Contact her/him and ask for a letter, they usually would provide you with it at a nominal fee since you’re a previous patient. If you dont come right, I’ll give a couple peers a call and see if I can get you squeezed in for an appointment (hopefully free of charge, but no guarantees)

why the hell do you need it for a divorce case? Are you claiming maintenance or fixed property - its usually a straightforward process if the intention is simply to get rid of the ex, plus there are’nt any kids involved are there?

i want to get some maintenance, so i can go see a shrink, so i can get over his bullshit. which i thought would be easy enough of my own, but obviously not.
i did see a lady here in sunninghill, but she said she isnt capable of writing such a kind of report.
i dont want anything from him, but in my mind, if he didnt strangle me and told me to go kill myself (nevermind months worth of general mind-fucking), and tried to kill my kitten, and and and, then i would have less issues than i do now. i never used to get nightmares, i do now. i never had huge trust issues, now i suspect and pick apart everything everyone does.
he should take some responseability.

I’ve sent a couple people a mail asking. Will let you know.

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