Doctors and gym

Doctors always tell us to exercise because it is good for us. Why do I never see a Doctor in the gym? I live in a smallish town and know most of the doctors by sight at least. I go to the gym (because of the nature of my work) at irregular hours but I never see them. So the question is why not? Is it that exercise is NOT good for us and we will need to see them more often? Do they own shares in the gym? Can they afford their own private gyms? Either way they get to big a piece of the pie I think.

LOL - interesting perspective. I think, as with most of humankind’s pronouncements, it is a case of “Do as I say, not as I do”. Parents will dictate to children that they should never drink and smoke while drawing on a Camel and stirring a Jack Daniels.

From my experience my doctor is one for running. He has “The Lore of Running” crammed between the textbooks in his office and proudly displays his medals and photographs from road running events. Of course those could all be from twenty years ago, before the dividends kicked-in and he didn’t need to run anywhere because he could afford a car. ;D

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Congratulations, and welcome to a somewhat exclusive club! :wink:

On the topic of doctors (meaning real medical professionals, not quacks), many people complain that their doctors don’t listen to them. Some doctors have responded that it’s because many patients don’t listen to their doctors. Now it would seem that even doctors don’t listen to themselves… ;D