Doing good .....

I have just give blood at my kids school. Unfortunately, it is a school that is based on the usual cherry picked Xian values. The blood donation crew of 6 were there nearly all day in the freezing cold hall - great hospitality! All the parents were notified in advance. Not surprisingly only 10 parents turned up to donate - and at least one of them was a red blooded atheist!

people are assholes. i have a deep and violent hate for people who don’t pitch to an organised event. especially so if they rsvp’d, or waxed lyrically about how awesome it’s going to be, and how totally they’re going to be there.
i dont donate blood, i don’t weigh enough (ahem), and the last time i donated, i passed out, hit my head on the floor, and slurred for three days. so, no fanks.
kodus to you though.

I, on the other hand, do weigh enough to donate … twice. I have a relatively unadventurous love life, and I’m blood type O Rh-. So yeah, I feel almost duty bound to donate. It’s a cheap sacrifice to make, and since I do very little else that may be misconstrued as social selflessness, I enjoy the regular good karma injection. Still, I hate the look of those high-flow needles with, as so aptly described by Tolla van der Merwe IIRC, the diameter of an Anglia’s exhaust pipe.

Besides, I fancy the idea of several people walking around with at least a pint of sceptical blood in their bodies.(Cue Doctor Evil maniacle laugh sequence)


Maergat. :wink:

I dont give either, because of my aneamia, which is a sort-of constant in my life, I never seem to be able to get the iron levels “just right”. I dont feel guilty though, I give a hell of a lot of my time and emotions to dumb people on a daily basis not to.

:smiley: I love that idea! I can just imagine the horror of some xtians should they realise that an INFIDEL saved their lives…

i took this one step further. i donated my eggs, so at least three couples are cruising around with spawn sporting half my DNA. good luck with that people. good luck indeed.

Wow… brave…

hardly, you get paid for it. no feel-good nonsense involved here.

Unfortunately I also have a birth defect that precludes giving blood. I must admit I’ve always felt a tad guilty not being able to. Or, I feel I would love to save a life or two this way, but can’t.

:D I love that idea! I can just imagine the horror of some xtians should they realise that an INFIDEL saved their lives.....

I’m sure it’s quickly rationalized away… no problem eating animals, no problem taking the blood of “animals”.

You never know it might have an effect - people have been known to take on the characteristics of donors… apparently…

My son and I are regular donors. If you get your timing right one can donate seven times a year. Best I’ve managed thus far is six in a year.

I only donate so I can drink their Oros and eat the cookies.

For some truly classic British comedy, google “Tony Hancock - The Blood Donor”

ehm. i donate oocytes. thus, the child will ofcourse take on my characteristics. thus, good luck to the parents.

I read an incredibly bad sci-fi novel by Chris Barnard (yes, the Chris Barnard) about a mad scientist who transplanted the hearts of hanged murderers into baboons with quite unhilarious results.

LOL! “…pencilled in of course…”! ;D