Donker Jonker is back

Kobus Jonker, also known as Donker Jonker, was the head of the Occult-Related Crimes Unit of the police. He is often consulted as a supposed expert witness when defendants claim that they were possessed by demons during violent crimes.

An occult crime specialist and a psychologist will interview a teenager who admitted to hacking four of his family members to death with an axe, but claimed he was possessed by a demon at the time.

Judge Hennie de Vos on Monday postponed the trial in the High Court in Pretoria of the teenager, now 16, until Tuesday.

Prosecutor Marika Jansen van Vuuren told the court Kobus Jonker, an occult expert and sociologist, wanted to consult the accused and study the defence’s expert reports before he could give an informed opinion.

Ai fok!

Apparently Oscar just wasn’t creative enough.

It is not clear from the article whether Jomker will testify for the defense or the prosecution. If it turns out the devil made the boy do it, then he may well get off, so Jonker should think carefully about what he wants. :slight_smile:

Anyway, in a court that allows this sort of testimony, the kid can always demand trial by combat if things should go bad for him… :slight_smile: