Dr Caroline Leaf

So has any body here heard of her.
She has a strange mix of religion and science, and has several DVD and books ect.

Well, I’m a blank, never heard of her.

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There isn’t a whole lot of science as far as I can make out, but I didn’t make it through that much of this:

Dr. Caroline Leaf with Sid Roth - Toxic Thoughts

Did you know you can change your genes with your thoughts :o (wtf!!)

Ja I should have said pseudoscience she does sometimes get it correct but not always. I heard part about how she was talking about epigenetics.
And how it changes your genes. So I googled it is a real science but her interpretation is
well shocking. So I not really sure what to make of her she has a phd from Unisa. She must
have an interest in science but I guess she looking more for confirmation into what she believes.

Oh my word.

“I have research that says X.”
“Hey that’s what JEESUUUSS said!”

Whispers: I see stupid people, walking around like regular people, they don’t know they’re stupid…

Lol… I heard a wise drunk once said: The harder you look for evidence to support a particular point of view, the more likpely you are to find it.