Durban Skeptic

Hi fellow thinkers

I am based in Durban
Interested in evolution / creationism debates, and Astronomy
I have a Ba Hons in Psychology from Unisa
I have also studied Evolutionary Psychology, Neuropsychology, and Developmental Psychology at UKZN

I am an IT consultant, atheist, secular humanist, but interested in Buddhist philosophy and how our emotional brain can override our more rational processing.

I have read God Delusion - good but I prefer a more moderate approach, like Gould.
Currently enjoying Carl Sagans - Cosmos - super cool.

I am part of the Astronomical Society in Durban and enjoy debate - as long as we keep it logical and fun.

I had a brief stint as a born again christian when I was in my early teens (they DO try to get em young!) and have graduated from there to being an intractable atheist. I do however think that science can provide just as much (_in fact much more) wonder and exhiliration in terms of finding meaning through our human experience.

Oh, and I love cooking, gym, clubbing, reading and writing.
I love the skepticality podcast from Shermers site.
I am also a shameless self help book addict, and I was a trauma counsellor for 15 years.

Thats me

C ya

Welcome RitualAccessor,

I’m sure you will be involved in creationism / ID debates here on the forum. Some members in previous discussions have insisted that the god of the gaps (whether the quantum god or the sky daddy) explains consciousness and your expertisea and educated opinion on the matter would be a very welcome voice.

But don’t sit around waiting for the next creationism debate, dive right in and start some topics around your interests, I’m sure most people here share your interests.


Too late for sitting around. It’s here since yesterday.

Thanks for the welcome, I will post a topic when I can - been super busy lately.

Looking forward to some intellectual machination.


Hey Clint!

Welcome to the forum from one of the few Durban Skeptics in residence (that I know of).
I hope you enjoy your time here, and hope that you will be able to join us for the Durban Skeptic’s in the Pubs events when we start running them (shouldn’t be too long now).

I’m Angela, and I write the SkepticDetective blog.


Angela and I hooked up on Facebook - Thanks to SA Skeptics for bringing together bright people who speak the same language.

We will PUB it soon!

God of the gaps? Explain yourself.

Ask a reasonable question (with some detail), I will try my best to explain, at least my point of view.