Eeeeek!! World Evangelization!!

i don’t know if it’s just me but I have never heard of this terrifying concept, but the Lausanne movement is aiming for just that World Evangelization!! I guess the Cape Town commitment is like a franchise of it. If you can bear to read it they plan to do this

The concept is hair raising. I’m not overly concerned though, capitalism will be the death of it. No self-respecting evangelist will be willing to share his alms with an organisation proclaiming exactly the same thing s/he is doing already. You honestly think that mr Potato head will willingly become part of this and share the profits of his ingeneous concept of camping for god in a potatoe field?

Of course he will, I hear he’s totally not into it for the money.

I heard that too! That makes it official!

Wow I hope so, I have to say it sickened me too much to read into the finer details so my disgust was initially at the superficial shock of such a harrowing idea!!