End of Days

Amazing the number of predictions relating to the end of days surfacing at the moment…REMEMBER 21st May 2011! and then this from the Teapot Atheist at http://teapotatheism.blogspot.com/:

Seriously, giving a theologian a microphone results in almost as much stupid as giving a theologian an internet connection: I believe that 3,000 birds falling from the sky and 100,000 fish dead on the surface of the river should not be dismissed as easily as we forget yesterday's political gaffes or celebrity dust-ups.

Nor do I think the importance and magic of the number three should be lost on anyone. You know: the past, present and future; faith, hope and charity; the heart, the brain and the body; not to mention the Holy Trinity.

So I ask you, children, to consider the state in this great union where the dead birds and fish were found – Arkansas. The first three letters of that state spell the word “Ark” – the vehicle used by God when he sent the message of his anger with man’s insolence. Coincidence? The scientists would surely say so, but if I were you I’d cock an ear, because there just might be more disaster headed our way.

and I love this quote from the same post:

You see, theologians really have things pretty good. They never need to do all the hard work of arguing conclusions from premises because their conclusions were written for them by theological councils thousands of years ago. They never need to seriously confront their own beliefs because honest introspection was never part of the Christianity game to begin with. The story hasn't changed since the days of the New Testament: don't give too much thought to hard questions, or even to reality at all, because the world is evil and the apocalypse is nigh.
Read also his post re how teleology explains how the tides work. Brilliant stuff.

It has been the End of Days since Jesus started his death cult 2000 years ago. It would seem to any objective observer that the imminence of the End isn’t as imminent as one is led to believe.

untill i see fireballs raining from the sky, i will not heed the predictions much.

giving a theologian a microphone results in almost as much stupid as giving a theologian an internet connection
;D ;D ;D ;D ;D or a gun? :'( :'( :'( :'(