Facebook fight

I made the mistake to comment on something on Facebook. Here is a link to the whole sad story with my comments starting a bit later on. I see I picked up a like or two as well. Don’t know if this link will work but let’s try.

No, that link will not work. You will have to go on Facebook > Middelburg Observer or Cecilia Calitz Louw Cecilia Calitz Louw who started it all.

Just a bit of background. Karin Pelser is a Homeopath married to a Chiropractor. And yes, I cannot spell, live with it.

Let’s try this http://www.evernote.com/l/AOuAL1ixUBpFIZaTdvrZ5mTMiwYtC2TFiIE/ Looks like this one works, just skip the Evernote thing if you don’t want it.

Liked your reply about the dowsing.
Your town seems quite taken by the idea of alternative medicine. Even the dominee piped up. Maybe you should just enjoy all the free space in the waitng room of the regular doctor! :wink:

This woman with the 5 year degree in homeopathy … I had to check it out and it actually exists! WTF! But I suppose if a tertiary institution can teach theology, it can teach anything. Here is the curriculum offered by a major university.


It’s not altogether clear to me which of these are the “dubious” subjects. The Biochemistry for instance … is it real Biochemistry, or some weird version that would be compatible with the homeopathic axioms?


Is UJ recognised in the US and Europe?

That I cannot say. Either way, the degrees that universities choose to offer obviously has little effect on the validity of the study material. In other words, you can score high marks for knowing a lot of fiction.

And clearly there is a customer for every fiction.


Good point. Care to leave this as a comment in the FB thread? Can only help my case.

Thanks, but no. I’ve had a look at your link and for some reason I’m not too keen on joining The Middelburg Observer’s Facebook Group. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:
(Have “liked” your comments though…)

People are more likely to abandon their religion than to abandon their belief in this or that alternative remedy. Let Darwin sort it out. :slight_smile:

Post die image op facebook asb ;D

Continued from pevious http://www.evernote.com/l/AOseYnKDCpdH_6Z2MRBWBNPwPOGmBkMEB3A/ As before just skip the Evernote part.

To be continued… ;D

Ek het al in sulke facebook debatte opgeëindig, en gevolglik noem ek dit “How to lose friends and astrange people”.

Dit is 'n bitter pil om te sluk as vriende en familie jou vermy net omdat jy probeer die waarheid praat.

Ek verstaan jy staan op vir dit wat reg is, maar wees versigtig, hierdie goed kan sleg eindig.

Sover darm nog net onbekendes. :slight_smile:

http://www.evernote.com/l/AOuQ0uENEyhEmIZGTkKBDLKVkg-LuBhKqmU/ |-O

nee maar sien ernst nie net het ons voorvaders homopatie genruik nie hulle het net soos ek ook nie kommas punte of hoofletters gebruik nie en dus kan jy in die dam gaan spring want jy het nie 'n kloe nie en ek raak sommer agressief wanneer mense my woord in twyfel trek en waarom bodder jy want jy slaan jou naam met 'n plank en nou weet ek nie hoe om hierdie paragraaf selfs nog verder uit te rek sonder leestekens nie so nou hou ek maar op


The next installment.

Well as enige iemand jou op vat op jou aanbod laat ons weet waar die facebook group is.

So far the group is only two members, both good guys. We wait for the other side to join and of course for their facts.