Would it be possible to make it that we can log in with Facebook.

It would make life so much easier. :smiley:

I’ll look into it, but why don’t you just let the forum remember your login when you sign in?

Hi Bluegray,

Since I am currenly loggin’ in at work, I dont want the forum to remember my password.
I would not want someone to log on as me when I am not at my desk. You never know how snoopy people can be.

What I like about loggin’ in with FB is less passwords to remember and more integration.



So then they can be snoopy and frape you?!

One of my mates on facebook gets fraped all the time by his friends.
It tickles him senseless. He does not get much other action on the side.

There’s no easy extension or plugin to do this with SMF it seems, and I don’t have time to write one. So not likely, sorry. :frowning:

Why not simply lock your pc? (Windows key + L) … that should deter most snooping attempts

If you’re worried about admin logins try Lock My PC or if you’re really paranoid disable the built-in admin account, make the login password 16 characters or more, disable booting from USB and CDs/DVDs and put a password on the BIOS