feathered tyrannosauroid

Apparently a cousin to the t-rex and the largest animal with feather to exist to our knowledge.

A time machine. To go and see what it was like. One can dream.

Related but off the main topic … has anyone been to the West Coast Fossil Park? It is really excellent - best R50 I ever spent. It’s maybe the closest to going back in time I’ve been in a while anyway… It still amazes me all the fantastic sites and evidence in this country that people don’t know or don’t care about.

Where is it? Never heard of it.

It’s about 1.5 hours out of cape town on the R27, close to langebaan
http://www.fossilpark.org.za/ I’ve not been there myself yet but do want to go.

Wow, a reason to go south of civilization!

I’ve never heard of this. Best I’ve ever seen in this country was a school trip once to golden-gate area where we treated to a dinosaur curio shop and some digging in dirt looking for dino turds. It was wholly uninspiring.

It’s a real shame it’s not advertised more widely it’s a national treasure! Plus I only found out the extent of the cradle of humanity in Gauteng while I was there so will hopefully visit that some time this year. Anyone been is it fully worth the visit?

Last time I was there was a couple years ago, and I know they’ve expanded quite a bit since then. My kids were still quite young and all in all we had a really educational time. We enjoyed it and found it worthwhile, I suspect it will be even better now (well, I hope).

Apparently they’ve found another cave nearby and they now have guided tours into this one as well, not for kids as its quite deep and some assistance (ropes and whatnot) is apparently required. Anybody heard of this one?

We associate feathers with flight these days, but its amazing the things they could have been used for originally, in the distant past. Attracting mates, thermal insulation, advertising in-edibility, writing memoirs…


Which reminds me: Feathers could get you quilled…


Or, at the very least, shafted.

(Haai sies!) :o

Inedible? Not with the colonel’s secret recipe… :slight_smile: