felt like trolling...

received this little gem from a dude i asked a qoute from last year:

From: Donavan Hawman [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: 13 July 2011 08:09 AM To: Donavan Hawman Subject: FW: Say this Prayer

From: Peter Kukla [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: 12 July 2011 10:21 PM
To: [email protected]
Subject: Fw: Say this Prayer

From: Ann Goodfellow
Date: 2011/07/12 09:35:30 PM
To: Ann Goodfellow
Subject: Fw: Say this Prayer


Heavenly Father; I Come to you As Humble As I Know How. I
Confess My Sins, Those Known & Unknown. Lord, you Know
I’m Not Perfect & I Fall Short Everyday Of My Life. I Just Want
to Take Time Out to Say Thank you. Thank you for your Mercy.
Thank you for My Home, Car, Food, Life, Everything I Do Have.
I Realize That this Life I’m Living Is Full Of Trials & Tribulations
But Thank you for Not Putting More On Me Than I Can Bear.
Please Send This Prayer to Everyone in your directory & The
Next Time you Get Ready to Complain,

Tell The devil you are A Blessed Child Of God & you Have More
to Be Thankful for Than to Worry About.

We Must Go Thru The Storm to Appreciate The Sunshine!,This
is a test to see who has more followers… Jesus or satan.**
*If Jesus, forward to ten people, *** & If satan close the e-mail!
***God is going to fix two things (BIG) tonight in your favour!

to which i responded:

please don’t send religious propaganda to people you don’t know. don’t assume that everybody thinks your god is real and want to be subject to lies, deceit and indoctrination. you should be ashamed.

i know it was just shit stirring, but i couldnt resist.

and he then responded:

Wy must i be ashamed of a God that died and shed hes blood to save me, you maybe need to open your eyes and see whats going on around you, but even if i don’t know you i pray for you everyday God bless you

and i let rip with a beautifull repetoire of goodie little facts of things we allready know:


[i]What is spam?
Ø Advertising or promoting services or goods
Ø Seeking financial contributions to an organisation or cause
Ø Spreading an ideological or religious opinion
Ø Discrediting someone by sending the spam as if it were from them - the attack on this person would more than likely take the form of the spam retaliation from the recipients
Ø Chain letters
Ø Pranks

Spam and the law
In 2002, the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act was passed. This law proclaims spam to be illegal, and demands an opt-out and an explanation of how the spammer got hold of the recipient’s address, should the recipient request this information. If found guilty of violating these conditions, the spammer could face a fine or a prison sentence of up to twelve months.

Wy must i be ashamed of a God that died and shed hes blood to save me - Jesus (if he ever really existed) died. Not god. Jesus was proclaimed as the messiah. Jesus was a jew. Judaism proclaims the messiah has yet to come. if christianity had it roots in judaism, then christians are refuting the pillars of it’s own religion.

The Qur’an states Jesus the Son of Mary was the Messiah or “Prophet” sent to the Jews. They allso say that at the resurrection: He will fight for the cause of Islam. He will break the cross, kill the swine, and put an end to war and God will perish all religions except Islam.
Interesting, so Jesus will kill all christians then?
In christianity, there are over a hundred claimant to be the messiah.
so, how did jesus end up being the accepted messiah, and christianity the accepted religion (for 2.1 billion people, while 1.5 billion believe allah to be the one and only god, while 1.1 billion know the truth that religion is nonsense. 900 million hindus… and so on. only 33% of the entire world thinks jesus and the christian god is real. and billions of people believe as fervently as you, that their god/s is the one and only, and the christian god is a fake. what makes you so special?)

after the inception of christianity in isreal, the romans (who ruled there then), made it illegal, since christians had issues with roman pagan gods. the roman emperor, constantine, won a battle after carrying a christian cross into battle, and since this particular god favoured him on this day. he made christiantiy legal after that, (the edict of Milan)
since there were as many interpretations of the new christian faith, as there were people to interpret it, there were furious battles between the different christian sects to be acknowledged as the ‘true’ faith. in the end, the most politically powerfull bishops had their interpretation of the scriptures accepted. thus, the interpretation that would give them maximum power over the state, and the most access to fortunes. not exactly as clear-cut as you would like, eh?
The most influential writer to rise out of this period was the bishop who became known as Saint Augustine. He wrote his interpretations of the scriptures, and later on, it became accepted as the ‘bible’. the bible you hold dear, was written by a bishop hundreds of years ago, based upon his own ideas, and what he understood of scriptures written in hebrew, aramaic, and tribal languages, of which he only had a superficial understanding. the bible was a guessing game of trying to understand writings of people long dead, in half-understood languages and dialects.
after centuries of invasions, slavery, murder and war by the romans, the barbaric tribes of the north destroyed rome. The church in Rome also survived, and the bishop of Rome, otherwise known as the pope, rose to become the spiritual leader of the western churches.
Between 315 and 6th century thousands of pagan believers were slain. Pagan services became punishable by death in 356.
By the late 500s, followers of other religions were persecuted, denied property rights, and banished into exile. Anybody who questioned the opinions of the bishops was charged with heresy and often condemned to death.
In 6th century pagans were declared void of all rights.
The French king Charlemagne (Charles the Great) came to power in 768, he threatened to kill any tribesman who refused to accept Christ as their savoir, using an army of Christian priests who also acted as executioners. In 782 had 4500 Saxons, unwilling to convert to Christianity, beheaded. so much for the love of a mercifull god! The older generations pretended to be Christian out of fear, but their children grew up knowing no other religion. Conversion to Christianity proved to be an effective way of taming the warrior habits of the northern tribes.

in the 900s, The pope launched a religious crusade in order to crush the Islamic armies conquering europe. instead of helping greece and turkey, they invaded Syria and Israel and captured Jerusalem instead, whose entire population was slaughtered, many of whom were eastern Christians.
Rather than attacking the Muslims, the armies of the last crusade decided to attack Constantinople instead and loot its treasures. Unconquered since the days of the old Roman Empire, Constantinople had been one of the wealthiest cities in the world.
Anybody whose ideas strayed too far from Christianity were accused of heresy.
Before the invention of the printing press, the Bible had been painstakingly hand copied by monks, and copies were carefully protected by the church. The common person was not allowed to read the Bible. The church was afraid that without the proper training, readers might not adhere to the official interpretation. The penalty for being found in possession of a Bible was to be burned at the stake. How much fun!!
During the 1200s and 1300s, there was a growing movement against Catholic monopoly on religion. The pope reacted by organizing a series of massacres. He then introduced the Inquisition, with its torture chambers and public executions, intended to silence dissent and terrify the population into loyalty.
he Bible has been translated into about 5000 modern languages, plus many more other languages down through the centuries that are not used now.
The Bible has been translated into English about 80 times since John Wycliff’s first English translation. I can only guess how much has been lost in translation, misinterpreted, or a language simply not having a word or phrase able to accurately describe the original sentiment, thus create your own words.
when priests were translating and re-writing the bible by hand, they would make notes in the borders, and the next priest, would write those notes into the text, and so on and so forth, untill as many people has had input into the modern bible as you can imagine.
the bible you buy at CNA, has very little in common with scripts and tablets written by the original authors.

in the years of colonisation by europe of western countries, natives peoples were enslaved, murdered en-masse and their traditional customs outlawed, all in the name of god.

how many people has been killed in the name of your god?

your god a tool used by greedy and vicious people in order to create wealth and power, and you and everybody who thinks themselves saved by a person living in the sky, are slaves to remorseless elite, who is growing fat on the money you spend on the church and all religious affiliations.


do you really think that your particular little church is right? do you even know what your church’s doctrine consists of?

[b]you are a sheep.
mindlessly following a religion you know nothing about. a religion built upon slavery, murder, genocide, politics, abuse, power-struggles, wealth, deceit, and rivers upon rivers of the blood of innocents.

yes, you should be ashamed.[/b]

and yet he persists!!!

This wont take long so don’t not read

Serve God and only God ,witch is Jesuses farther who sent him to save even you for all your sins and if you don’t believe in God the son and the Holy Spirit the trinity then I dust my feet of and I will never be ashamed of believing in Jesus, because it is written deny me and I will deny you before my father I speak of him with pride to know that I have eternal life and I will rather live my life worshiping Jesus my Lord and dieing and finding out there isn’t than living my life as if there isn’t and finding out there is, I have never profited off my beliefs but rather contributed in the love of God, so as you say about spam I believe it is so easy to delete something and it is gone you being so intelligent should know this one click and its gone , SPAM ( SAVE PEOPLE AWAITING MURCY) so don’t keep fighting the inedible you know as well as I do that He loves you with all his heart, and if I was profiting off all this I would of never replied to you and just moved on, no jokes He loves you and I have tried and if you really want me to stop with trying then all you have to do is reply with 4 letters STOP and I will never reply to you again, as God knows that I tried and I leave it in his hands


what more can one say to this?

yes please stop spreading false doctrine. especially to people who don’t want it. good luck with the heaven thing.

it was fun >:D

... fighting the inedible ...

We fight the inedible fairly often at home. My cooking skills ain’t that hot.

epic lol. inedible indeed ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Haha, my favourite new word of the week: murcy :wink:

Well, it definately spiced up your day by appearances. You were bored at work I take it?

I’ve long since given up, I just tell them to shut up and go away. Mostly they do. if they persist, I quote the e-mail policy to them and I get classified as a “by the book” employee. Which is also ok with me.

When I get such an e-mail at work, I reply and include the whole company. After a couple of replies the bosses add new rules to the Internet policy and I get peace and quiet for a few months.

Then it all starts again.

Yeah, I really like some of the xtian history you condensed there…
I may have to use that next time… did you copyright it??? ;D

i stole it off a plethora of websites, so go for it.