France's Le Pen cancels meet with Lebanon grand mufti over headscarf

France’s Le Pen cancels meet with Lebanon grand mufti over headscarf

In this particular case she may actually have a point: it’s not like the Grand Mufti would be required to wear or refrain from wearing particular bits of clothing if he visited France…

It is an example of where our tolerance has gone to the point of tolerating intolerance.


He demands that she demonstrates respect of his position as a religious leader in the only way acceptable to him, his culture and religion. She has the right to pay her respects in any way she deems acceptable in her culture or religion. She has the right to respect his position as a leader but not as a religious figure. She also has the right not to respect him at all. He has the right to be offended by her lack of respect. She has the right not to care, or show her lack of respect of him or his position in any way she pleases.

It’s the old argument: Religion does not entitle you to respect.

… and yet it continues with petulant obstinacy to insist that respect must be given. It was ever thus.

Still, you have to admire Le Pen’s je ne sais quoi.


Nothing entitles anyone any respect. This is the flawed thinking that some somehow entertain… they can somehow compel respect out of other people. Any idea how many gangsters have been killed on exactly this premise? I’d wager entire wars have been fought over it.

The point is badly missed every time: You can compel fear, but respect won’t be close behind.

I do. And I also admire Trump’s AmericaniZed version of it, although I don’t agree with his stance on many political issues. It may force some very shrill SJW’s to pipe down and formulate good arguments rather than just screech louder. brianvds posted a relevant link in the shoutbox earlier: http://www.​​m/magazine/2​017/02/27/wh​y-facts-dont​-change-our-​minds

I am in general not the biggest fan of the right wing, but in this particular issue, Le Pen has my sympathies. Je suis Le Pen!

Now it is true that she was in this bloke’s country, but then, she was not there as common tourist. And now she is the one being castigated for being rude, but I am not convinced she was any more rude than the Mufti. He knows full well she is from a vehemently secular state where most women would find it downright humiliating to have to cover up like this, but he has no problem trying to make her do so anyway.

One reason, perhaps, why I am gad Aunt Hillary didn’t win the election: she would have humbly covered up.