Geen siekte is ongeneesbaar

Nou toe, daar het jy dit: 'n gesonde siel huisves 'n gesonde liggam:

Wat my altyd laat worry is dat mens dalk eendag by 'n dokter kan uitkom - straks nog onder kritiese omstandighede - wat in hierdie snert glo. Hemele help ons.

…en wat as jy nie 'n siel het nie? Dan bestaan jy seker nie…net 'n illusie.

Sjoe, ons moes sommer lankal terug vir die outydse Romeines en Griekes geluister het. Dan het ons nou geweet hoe om kanker en ander terminale siektes in mense en veral kinders te vermy en te genees. “Want die gees van die mens vasgevang in die liggaam van die baba, is alreeds volwasse. Dit is nie soos die siel onderhewig aan kennis, opgroei en intelligensiewording nie.” Dus is dit mens se “gees” wat tel tot hul gesondheid, nie die “siel” nie…


Is dit hoekom my kar altyd die gees gee?

Ek het al met dokters te doen gehad wat dink homeopatie werk soms heel goed…

Hemele help ons!

moenie worry nie! die dr’s en teater susters bid altyd vir “n steady hand” voor hulle opereer…dis die tyd wat ek onder narkose opspring en in my superman pijamas uit hardloop

Ja nee swaer!

die dr's en teater susters bid altyd vir "n steady hand" voor hulle opereer.
Ek vermoed daar gebeur 'n paar goed in teaters wat 'n mens bly maak jy slaap deur die hele storie.

Ek weet nie wat om van die inenting dinges te maak nie…lees byv hier:

Have a look at the Discussion section from one of the article’s own sources. The authors do not sound too convinced about the association between vaccinations and allergies.

Vaccination and Allergic Disease: A Birth Cohort Study
Tricia M. McKeever, PhD, Sarah A. Lewis, PhD, Chris Smith, BA, and Richard Hubbard, DM, Msc

In summary, although our results in an observational cohort study demonstrated a positive association between vaccination and allergic disease, this association can be explained by ascertainment bias. These data, together with other published evidence, suggest that current vaccination practices do not have an adverse effect on the incidence of allergic disease.

What surprised me was that they could find so many un-vaccinated people as a control group in this day and age.

If there does turn out to be a link, then it will be interesting to see how many people will be willing to pay a minor chronic insurance penalty against possible death.


O, bring back, please bring back my smallpox and don’t take away my polio, no don’t take away my polio, DJ please put the measles on the radio… tata…lalala I’m a crazy, crazy fool, so let my kid go to some sick ass party too, I wanna destroy his immune system, gave him a new sound system…

Crazy, crazy anti-vac, I don’t do drugs, I get high on Jesus!! ;D ;D ;D

Heheh Vulcan…luvit!

I think however that the jury is still out on this and as Rigil says it is surprising to find an un-vaccinated control group large enough to be significant (e.g. in New Zealand). Drug companies will no doubt try to squash all evidence (if it exists) to prove that vaccinations are safe and have been(Think Thalidomide), while the woo woos, homeopaths etc will do the opposite.

The following article in “Nature” seems to indicate that indeed some people are more at risk and some vaccines are not as safe as one would wish for: "Researchers are also developing replacements for vaccines that can be risky for vulnerable groups. These include current smallpox vaccines that cannot safely be given to immunocompromised people; the tuberculosis vaccine, which is not recommended for HIV-positive infants; and the yellow-fever vaccine, which puts elderly people at particular risk of a yellow-fever-like illness. The challenge will be to make safer vaccines just as effective: James Cherry, a paediatric-infectious-disease specialist at the University of California, Los Angeles, speculates that an outbreak of whooping cough in California in 2010 might have occurred partly because the safer acellular pertussis vaccines now in common use in developed countries tend to be less effective than the best whole-cell vaccines.

Yeah, I suppose it’s a dog eat dog world huh, loved how you showed that woo-woo and pharmaceutical companies are almost two sides of the same coin, Brian.

Although it’s true that companies can be genuinely ruthless too, I don’t want to go too far overboard to the point of being guilty of believing in these conspiracy theories (not saying that’s what you meant) but I seem to recall something about scientists creating some sort of open database, not sure if this was about vaccines specifically, but it did have something to do with sharing info about medicines and fighting pharmaceutical companies not to keep these info all to themselves to the detriment of scientific inquiry - but I’m afraid I’m not too clued up on this, I find biology incredibly boring I’m afraid

Yeah I am aware that vaccines comes with a fair amount of risk, like any medicine really, there’s bound to be some adverse side-effects, I’m sure it’s not a 100% science yet, but I still think the positives outweigh the negatives when it comes to taking vaccines though, you might say the ends really do justify the means (although I’m not going into controversial things like animal testing and such, but we have to learn somehow…) And I’m also not talking about other unethical medical practices either, not the point I’m trying to make.

Isn’t this even moreso a case for mass immunization? These compromised individuals can be protected through herd immunity, no?

Thalidomide was not a vaccine.

I know it wasn’t…put it your minds regarding how easily we can be duped by pharmaceutical companies.