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Wow! :o Glad I don’t do stress. 8)

Intelligent Design…

what the fuck is on his/her face?

You noticed that too. I first looked at it on my iPhone, then opened it up on my laptop to see what it was - I have no clue…

I don’t think it’s on her face; it’s a window behind her through which a mountain range (or, if she’s on a ship, waves) can be seen.

I believe it’s the character’s nose.

he should stop using coke then…

He’s a muskrat. It’s his shiny nose.

Fuck knows. :wink:

i fail to see the resemblance… :confused:

Lol, you’re complaining about the nose, yet the head is entirely out of proportion to the body. And he’s sitting in front of a PC.

It’s a cartoon, it’s not supposed to make sense.

it’s just, weird. the nose is just bizarre. i mean, garfield still looks like a cat, hobbes looks like tiger, JZ still looks like himself with a shower sprouting from his pip. if you gonna make such an abstract cartoon, then you can just as well make it human.
i’m an avid cartoonist myself, as is my other half, and the nose is just freaky on that thing. it actually makes me not enjoy the satire. what is the point of it being a muskrat? if there is a point in the muskrat being pc lit, then at least have it looking like a muskrat. maybe it’s just a really kak edition of this particular cartoon.
it irks me ;D

The cartoon isn’t of a muskrat–the cartoonist is a muskrat.

well there you go then. i’m sure muskrats have difficulty handling the stylus of a macbook.

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