Geological time for creationists

I’m about to embark on a field trip with my geography learners on a 500 million year travel back in time around Chapman’s Peak etc… this is clearly challenging with a few who think that the planet nay universe has only been kicking around for about 6000 years… I found this brilliant infographic which will hopefully go some way to putting everything into perspective - i will also distribute to a few colleagues I think -my favourite part is Jesus on the velociraptor :slight_smile:

Gaah! Please, please, please do not perpetuate this utterly hideous, awkward and ridiculous linguistic abomination. Please. Despite our deficient basic education system and the nincompoops who run it, they are still “pupils” or “students”, not apprentices.

“We have yet to find any fossils of frogs among trilobites.”


O I believe the creationist answer is that Dyno’s where called
Dragons and all the knights slayed them that is why they are extinct.

Hence all the story’s about dragons.

I forgot what creationist said that though?

I must add, I loved geography in school. I can’t remember that the age of the planet was ever mentioned but the utter scale
of what it takes for things to changed, was enough for me to realize the age of the planet must be a lot,
which later documentaries later taught me. I actually never heard
the 6 years argument till I was an adult.

Whoopsie… I usually just refer to them as kids actually… maybe the daily brainwashing is working!! And never to myself as an"educator" - I hate that even more. Maybe the next step is for them to be educatees?! We have mentor groups and they get called “Mentees” that for me just sounds like childhood sweet from the 80’s.

;D ;D


Coffer - the one who coughs
Coffee - the one who is coughed upon


We may yet face something like the following in SA’s not-too-distant future:

It is a crime no less shocking, heinous and damaging than belligerent assault on the cognitive faculties, battery of the formative reasoning skills and mind rape of a group of caged minors. Pity the law is so lame as to not recognise such as an offence.

You’d swear we were living in the 17th century, not the year 2013.


What was the source of this?

Unknown. It’s a photo uploaded anonymously at If it’s a mock-up (always possible, of course), it’s a very good one that someone took much trouble to concoct. The texture of the paper, the printing, the handwriting and the “Smile!” sticker is a standard US school supply item.

Plus, I wouldn’t put it past some over-zealous US cretinists to do just this.


The thing was discussed on another forum, and I followed the discussion with half an eye, so now I can’t remember any details anymore, but as far as I know, it is actually for real. It’s from some or other fundie private school though.

More at Snopes.