Glad to have something closer to home

Hi all…(find these “who am I” posts a little narcissistic)! Anyway…here goes:

So glad to have found something closer to home. I’ve been a skeptic (officially) for about a year now. Like so many skeptics I have James Randi to thank for this. I’m very passionate about the cause. I am a regular poster on the SGU forum, but do believe we have enough pseudoscience in SA to justify this forum. I have also started a skeptic blog: which I am hoping will eventually have enough content to warrant a book “Introduction to Skepticism” - if anyone wants to help me here I’d love that.

I am a mathematician (by training), but I am currently in China learning Chinese. I return home to JHB in November('08). So hopefully I’ll be able to get involved more in the skeptic community in SA.

Look forward to chatting with you all.

Hi, and welcome. :wink:
I wonder how many people here became skeptics because of Randi? Hope you enjoy your stay ;D