GM Foods

What is the general consensus on GM foods on this forum? I’m currently subcribing to the opinion that we have been genetically modifying food for centuries, if not millenia, through selective breeding, therefor I will continue eating GM maize and veggies etc.

So long as its cheap, delicious and nutritious, I don’t really care either.


There’s a great deal of hysteria and unreason about GM foods by the public. Still, some caution and further safety research by independent authorities is merited.

One big gripe, though: Monsanto, probably the largest supplier of GM seed stocks, has engineered much of its stock so that it produces sterile offspring. That is, the seed itself will produce a crop, but the crop won’t produce further viable seeds, so that the grower has to buy new seed stock every growing season. One can write this off as “sound business practice” but it does strike us as somewhat underhanded, and this may be sufficient cause for some to avoid GM foods.


I used to be a maize farmer so I know a little bit about it. All modern hybrid seed works like that. It may not be sterile but you plant a second or third generation and you are guaranteed a “misoes” - a failed crop.