Gnu Atheists

Had no idea what this was…until I saw it is a radical brand of atheism (Gnu vs New?) ;D
Here’s what PZ on Pharyngula says:

[quote]I don’t know which is more dangerous, that religious beliefs force some people to choose between knowledge and myth or that pointing out how religion can purvey ignorance is taboo. To do so risks being branded as intolerant of religion. The kindly Dalai Lama, in a recent New York Times editorial, juxtaposed the statement that “radical atheists issue blanket condemnations of those who hold religious beliefs” with his censure of the extremist intolerance, murderous actions and religious hatred in the Middle East. Aside from the distinction between questioning beliefs and beheading or bombing people, the “radical atheists” in question rarely condemn individuals but rather actions and ideas that deserve to be challenged.

God’s Not Universal!

A Gnu is a Blou Wildebees. Ok, very militant animal that.

I’m sure you don’t need to be reminded that Gnu is Not UNIX?